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Baked quince with red wine syrup

Baked quince with red wine syrup

- Wash the quinces well, cut them into quarters or halves, depending on your preferences and remove the seeds;

- Prepare a baking tray, put the quinces and add over the fruit, evenly: 3 tablespoons sugar, butter, ground cinnamon, honey;

- In the pan add water, next to quince;

- Bake for approx. 50 minutes, and occasionally sprinkle the quinces with the syrup from the pan;

Red wine syrup

- Put the wine on medium heat and add 3 tablespoons of sugar and a cinnamon stick;

- After boiling, reduce the flame and let it reduce to a low heat, until it reaches the consistency of syrup, namely, when you take it on a spoon, to leave traces and not to drip;

- When the quinces are ready, they are served with wine syrup, they go very well together.

Gutta recipe

gutta recipe
Under the golden rays of the autumn sun, the last fruits of this year ripen. The sweet-bitter quinces of gold color pamper our senses and maintain our health. Quinces contain substances that [..]

4 tips for your autumn recipes

gutta recipe
The beginning of autumn is the time to change the menu according to the specific dishes of the new season. Here are 4 tips for your autumn recipes. [..] Other information about: recipes, culinary tips, autumn recipes

Quinces stick to your figure

gutta recipe
Quinces are some of the most fragrant fruits of autumn. These fruits are distinguished not only by their special aroma, but also by the richness of B vitamins, vitamins C, E, PP and minerals [..]

Five reasons to eat quince

gutta recipe
Consumed raw or in the form of syrup, jelly, jam or marmalade, quinces are fruits rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body. 1. Heals anemia, tones [..]

Baked quince

gutta recipe
Baked quinces are a delicious autumn dessert. They can also be served cold, with a cup of ice cream. At festive events you can combine them with mascarpone cream and a little cinnamon on top [..] Other information about: quince, anise, cinnamon

Gutui zaharisite

gutta recipe
Sugared quinces are a delicious dessert, suitable for cool autumn days. You can also serve it with a cup of hot tea. For special occasions, candied quinces can be served with vanilla ice cream. Ingredients for sugared quinces 750 grams sugar150 ml water500 grams gu [..] Other information about: quince, sugar

Become a great chef and win your Easter treat!

gutta recipe together with Rin Hotels and Body Art Wellness Club rewards all cooking enthusiasts. [..] Other information about: contest, pasta, culinary, recipes

10 things you didn't know about quince

gutta recipe
Quince is a fruit tree very common in our country. Despite this, quince has a rich and beautiful history. Here is some unique information about quince. [..] Other information about: quince, fruit tree, fruit

The expert. Andreea Szasz: Two sweet quince recipes

gutta recipe
The lyrics ". And bitter quince / With yellow fluff like chicken" come to mind when, at the end of October, I pick the quince from the neighbors' yard! Yes, unfortunately, I don't have one, so I turn to the quinces of others! Late autumn I have a crazy craving for quince, which reminds me of my childhood, when my grandmother came back with a few in her breast. also from the neighbors, as she said, I'm lucky. And I kept them in the cellar, in a cool place, until late January, so that I could enjoy them all in turn. [..] Other information about: quince, syrup, quince recipes, yena dish, quince cake

Frostbite can be treated with quince

gutta recipe
Frostbite is the most common and most unpleasant consequence of low temperatures. They are manifested by redness, dryness or cracking of the skin and local pain. A peripheral circulation [..]

Quince food

gutta recipe
Quince food is easy to prepare, has a slightly sour taste, only good to serve in early spring. [..] Other information about: culinary, contest,, food, recipe, quince, quince food


gutta recipe
Quince is part of the Rosaceae family. It is the only tree that belongs to the genus Cydonia and is native to Asia, Caucasus. Quince is a fruit tree related to hair and apple. Quince is a small fruit tree, it reaches heights at maturity [..] Other information about: quince, tree, fruit trees

Ripe quinces, stuffed with nuts and raisins, a delicious dessert

gutta recipe
Quinces are tasty, fragrant and healthy fruits. Take advantage of this period when they are on all corners of the road and prepare them in a unique way. Fill the quinces with nuts and raisins and you will enjoy an exceptional dessert. [..] Other information about: quince recipes, baking quince, baked quince, quince, dessert

Fairs before Christmas Lent

gutta recipe
The second weekend of November brings to Bucharest several fairs with traditional Romanian, handmade or vintage products. At the same time, this weekend marks the beginning of Lent. It lasts 40 days and is much more permissive than Lent. So, before a per [..] Other information about: fairs, Bucharest, traditional products, handmade, vintage, organic expert, Ana Ionita - nutrition counselor: Quinces prevent cancer and heart disease! When they can become toxic

gutta recipe
The quinces are particularly aromatic, have a low juiciness, an astringent taste and a strong consistency. It is also eaten raw, but especially prepared in the form of: jam, jam, compote, nectar or jam. Fresh or cooked, quinces are a significant source of sugars that are easy to assimilate. [..] Other information about: quince health, quince benefits, quince

Quinces, soldiers in the service of health

gutta recipe
Also called the golden apple, quince was the favorite fruit of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Therefore, quinces have become a symbol of fertility, brides receiving from their husbands at the wedding a [..]

How to protect the quince crop to get a generous harvest

gutta recipe
Originally from Southwest Asia and cultivated since antiquity, quince (Cydonia oblonga) is part of the Rosaceae family and is one of the fruit trees with a very high production capacity. A generous harvest, with healthy fruits, depends on how you apply the general rules of crop care, as well as how you follow the recommendations of specialists on measures to prevent and control diseases, pests and weeds. [..] Other information about: quince crop protection, quince crop, harvest

How to choose and store quinces

gutta recipe
Quinces are autumn fruits that can be found on the market from October to January. Quinces are a healthy food for the cold period, they are fat-free and are also a good source of vitamin C. 1 How to choose quinces When you buy quinces, you must [..] Other information about: quinces, fruits, storage

5 compotes for autumn

gutta recipe
In the cold season, you can find the aroma and freshness of summer fruits in aromatic and tasty compotes. It cooks quickly, you don't need many ingredients, but the result will be delicious. [..] Other information about: plum, pineapple, fruit, compote, autumn recipes, autumn compote expert, designer Mioara Stoenica: Decor with Japanese quince flowers for the Easter table

gutta recipe
We all want to have a beautiful meal to spend the special moment of the Feast of the Resurrection. Offers in stores and suggestions in magazines and on websites have been in abundance for some time: bunnies, gargoyles, candles in the shape of colored eggs and many others. I propose an alternative to all this. My alternative is with Japanese quince flowers. [..] Other information about: cutlery, flowers, red eggs, pasta table, quince flowers, napkins, wicker baskets


gutta recipe
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Twisted mulled wine recipes

We don't know how you are, but we were overwhelmed by the frrrrig from the first temperatures with minus, and as mulled wine and cold make a good house, this magical liqueur quickly settled in our habits.

Boiled wine is an easy-to-make wine-based cocktail and a wide range of spices cooked together. If in the past this drink was made precisely to cover the defects of a wine, fortunately, today we should not have problems with the quality of wine, because even the cheapest wines can be an excellent basis for this cocktail. So don't think about opening the wine bottle kept for special occasions!

Why only red wine for boiling? Because it is denser than white or pink and manages to retain its aromas and qualities even after boiling.

When to drink mulled wine? After you got home cold, after you gave all the snow in front of the house, when it rains, when it snows, when you realized that you don't like the wine you just bought or whenever you want.

Below are some of our favorite recipes for mulled wine, but also some tips for making the best wine cocktail.

Vin Fiert Light

This recipe is as easy to drink as it is to drink, and because it is a light recipe for mulled wine, it can be drunk more often than others.

a bottle of semi-sweet red wine at 750ml
2 oranges
3 anise stars
3-4 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1 nutmeg powder or 2 peppercorns
2 cardamom berries

Slice the oranges and put them on the stove together with the wine and all the other spices. If we want a weak and more aromatic wine, then we can boil the wine for 1 minute. If we want to keep all the qualities of the wine, and the aromas to be just enough, then we bring the wine to a temperature close to the desired one, but without boiling it. If you don't like it or you don't have nutmeg, cardamom or pepper in the house, you can make this recipe without any problem, it will only lack the taste.

Dizzy Boiled Wine

a bottle of red wine at 750ml
1 large orange
2 aniseed stars
3 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1 nutmeg powder
50ml of brandy
2 tablespoons raw / brown / white sugar
or 3-4 tablespoons of honey / agave syrup
1 vanilla pod

Well, this recipe contains two ingredients that give the drink a special taste. It's about brandy and vanilla. And for the recipe to be followed exactly, you need to use a vanilla and brandy pod, not essence, flavor or vanilla sugar. So let's get to work!

Add the sliced ​​orange, wine and sweetener (sugar / syrup / honey) to a large bowl and leave them on the fire until they are firmly embraced. Then we introduce them to anise, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and let them heat over low heat.

The brandy can be added at the end, simply, or if you want to impress the guests, then the brandy can be added by them, before serving. Specifically, pour the brandy into a teaspoon rolled in sugar, set it on fire over the finely boiled cup, and after the brandy and sugar become one and the same, pour the caramelized drink into the mulled wine in the cup, mix and enjoy! For the teaspoon experiment, you must have a quality brandy, otherwise it will not catch fire.

Wine and Boiled Cider

Like the first one, this recipe is made as you would say Yum! You need some already classic ingredients for mulled wine recipes, only we replace the orange with the apple and, in addition, we add apple cider.

a bottle of red wine at 750ml
1 medium apple
300ml of apple cider
2-3 stars of anise
3-4 cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1 nutmeg powder

Slice the apple and put it in a bowl with the wine, apple cider and all the other spices, let them simmer until it starts to boil and then turn off the heat.

In any of the mulled wine recipes, finally strain the wine to remove the spices and don't forget to serve it hot. You can decorate the glass with slices of orange, anise, cinnamon sticks or anything else you want.


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Natural drinks & gt glasses & gt small portions (300ml) or large portions (500ml)
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DN5x) [TL] lime tea sweetened with honey and soaked pretzels (traditional children's breakfast]
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Quince with caramel sauce, red wine and cardamom

Today's recipe by quince with caramel sauce, red wine and cardamom, plus a touch of red pepper, is a dessert recipe inspired by our culinary tradition.

The source of inspiration is traditional quince food which is made in our autumn when the quinces ripen. Quince food, although it has caramel in its composition, is a salty food.

It can be simple, just with quince or quince and meat. When cooked only from quince it can be an excellent fasting food but it can also be a perfect garnish for a steak.

You will wonder, for sure, why I thought of making a dessert inspired by our popular tradition in the reinterpreted version and not in the original one.

Well, reveal your secret. I was invited by my friends from Electrolux (through the Golin agency) to participate in the call launched by them, on the occasion of the festival "Taste of London”.

The challenge is called "Cook with Electrolux at Taste of London" and takes place under the shadows of the hashtag #electroluxtaste. Here you will cook together, on Facebook, all the recipes from the contest.

The contest involves cooking a recipe in the famous culinary style of one of the following 10 proposed international chefs: Monica Galetti, Michael Reid, Jeremy Pang, Mauritio Morelli, Ping Coombes, Sergio Sanz Blanco, Pierre Koffman, Guy Betteridge, Vivek Singh, Pascal Aussignac.

The winners, 4 bloggers from those who will participate in the contest and who will obviously be the winners, will works with Electrolux to Taste of London , where they will have the opportunity to live memorable culinary experiences.

So, this recipe for quince with caramel sauce, red wine and cardamom is the recipe with which I also enter the contest. Why did we choose this simple, seasonal recipe inspired by our culinary tradition? Because of all the proposed list, I liked the most Monica Galetti.

Monica Galetti she was born in Samoa and raised in New Zealand. She is known as the best senior chef at Michel Roux Jr & # 8217's Le Gavroche Restaurant, where she worked for ten years. He is one of the jurors on MasterChef: The Professional show presented to the BBC.

photo source:

She lives in London with her husband David (sommelier chef at "Le Gavroce") and her daughter, Anais. He has prepared for the field in New Zealand, has various roles in Television and two published cookbooks.

Monica Galetti, through its recipes promotes cooking with natural, organic and seasonal ingredients, trying to draw attention to its importance.

In a statement from "The Independent ”, Monica Galetti say

& # 8220Some people think that organic is more expensive, but if you plan wisely, you can make ingredients go further. For example, use the whole chicken - bones for stock, things like that. & # 8221

I really liked her simple style of cooking and especially the fact that it promotes the idea of ​​healthy cooking, with ingredients you have at hand, seasonal and last but not least the fact that it is also against food waste.

It "folded perfectly" on what I also try to promote on the blog through the recipes I publish: simple, seasonal recipes, quick and easy to make even if they have sometimes exotic influences and are inspired by famous chefs.

Quince-flavored autumn

Loaded with scents and color, autumn is coming to us again. She offers us generously, and this time, some of her gifts. But like all quinces - the golden apples of autumn & # 8211 have something extra. With an aroma and a taste that is difficult to decipher, these golden-yellow wonders, which have caught the whole summer sun in them, attract our eyes, urging us to taste their health-giving fruit.

Aphrodite's favorites

Born of the waves of the turbulent sea, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, seems to have loved quinces. Legend has it that men in love, as a sign of love, gave them quinces as a gift, considering them magical. Their magic was associated in antiquity with fertility, with fruits playing an important role in wedding ceremonies. In some areas this custom has been preserved even today, the fresh or prepared quince being offered to the bride, as a sign of sincere love and fertility.

Therapeutic qualities of quinces

Regarding quinces, specialists claim that they have special therapeutic qualities, being useful in a lot of diseases. Full of vitamins and minerals, these wonderful autumn fruits strengthen and revitalize the body, preparing it for the ailments of the cold season. Quinces, unlike other fruits, retain much of their therapeutic properties even when cooked.

Revitalizes the body

Quinces are used by natural medicine to tone the body, having anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, astringent, emollient, digestive, diuretic and tonic properties. At the same time, the consumption of quince reduces cholesterol, fights cardiovascular diseases and eliminates toxic substances from the body.

I strengthen my heart

Quinces help reduce the level of bad cholesterol that affects the heart. Also, their potassium content helps prevent heart disease, thus managing to maintain optimal blood pressure.

Respiratory viruses

They are very common during this period, the body trying to adapt to new temperature conditions. In this case, respiratory viruses or other seasonal conditions are felt. With a high content of vitamins and minerals, quinces strengthen the immune system, and their daily consumption helps the body cope with or prevent some of the seasonal ailments.

Improve mood

Research has shown that, regardless of variety, quinces bring good mood, having a favorable influence on the psyche. Therefore, quince juice is recommended for heart patients, asthenics, people with respiratory problems and those who frequently have indigestion. If it is combined with apple juice in equal proportions, its therapeutic effects increase. The juice is consumed in the morning, immediately after squeezing the fruit, to avoid oxidation of the active substances, then it is served for breakfast. The daily portion of the mixture is 300 ml.

Stimulates appetite
Quince stimulates appetite, being very effective in case of anemia. Also, the acidity in their composition removes the feeling of nausea after a hearty meal.

In pancreatic diseases

Fresh quince juice is very effective. It will be consumed three times a day, being useful in case of pancreatic insufficiency, experts say. But hepatitis patients can also benefit from the healing virtues of quinces, if they take a cure for a month, with fresh quince nectar, from which to drink a liter a day.

In case of diarrhea

Prepare a syrup from a quince, which is put on the grater with large mesh and boil in a liter of water over low heat until the liquid is reduced by half. To the syrup obtained, add three teaspoons of brown sugar and let it boil two or three more times. The syrup is consumed on the same day and is also useful as an adjunct in the case of uterine bleeding and hemorrhoids.

Relieves irritable bowel pain

In the case of irritable bowel syndrome, specialists recommend quince juice, of which half a liter will be consumed daily. Also in this case is very effective and grated quince, 300 g of fruit mixed with honey.

Quince seeds

They are also very effective, being indisputable remedies in diseases such as: bronchitis, cough followed by sputum with blood, asthma, diarrhea or uterine bleeding. Moreover, it was found that a teaspoon of quince seeds, soaked in a cup of water for six to eight hours, have a laxative effect, especially in children. Treatment should be continued for at least three days

Laxative for children

It turned out that a teaspoon of quince seeds, soaked in a cup of water for six to eight hours, have a laxative effect, especially in children. Treatment should be continued for at least three days.

Quince decoction

It is very effective, having a strong therapeutic action. It is prepared from a grated quince and a liter of water. Bring to the boil until the liquid is reduced by half, then sweeten with 50 g of brown sugar. The syrup obtained is drunk during the day. Unsweetened, the decoction can be used for gargling.

Quince macerate

It is a useful remedy for people suffering from anemia. It is obtained from a handful of quinces and stalks, which are cut into pieces and placed in a jar of water. Over them is added a handful of well-cooked and crushed mountain bark. The vessel is covered and left to soak, at room temperature, in a place away from light for about 12 hours. Strain and pour into dark bottles, then cool. Drink during the day instead of water.

Quince tincture

Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and reduces existing ones. It is prepared from peeled peels from a quince, which is cut into small pieces, placed in a bottle, over which 50 degrees alcohol is poured. Leave to soak for 15 days, during which time the glass is shaken several times, after which it is strained.

In cosmetics

Quinces or quince-based preparations are widely used, helping to cleanse and soften the skin.

Skin mask

To obtain it, two ripe quinces are used, which are cleaned and shaved on a grater. Add a little talcum powder to the composition and mix everything well until a homogeneous paste is obtained. The paste is spread on the face and décolleté. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then wash your face with mineral water. The skin will look velvety and finer.

To combat wrinkles

In this case, a simple preparation, obtained by macerating quince peels in brandy, has unsuspected effects. The shells of the three quinces are left to soak in a bowl of rye or fruit alcohol for 14 days. The liquid should cover the level of the shells by one centimeter. This macerate, which is kept cold, buffers areas with a tendency to wrinkle.

Quince recipes

Having a special flavor, quinces are used successfully in the kitchen, the dishes based on this fruit being very tasty and refined. To preserve the flavor, the quinces are slowly boiled in liquid, usually with sugar.

Quince goulash

Ingredients: 125 g onion, two tablespoons melted butter, 750 g veal, two quinces, two carrots, ½ bunch of fresh thyme (or two teaspoons dry), bay leaves, four juniper berries, salt, ground pepper, ½ dry red wine, 400 ml meat juice, two tablespoons of flour.

Method of preparation

Peel the onion and cut it into small pieces. The meat, cut into pieces, is fried in melted butter. Then add the onion, which is also hardened for a few minutes together with the meat, bay leaves, juniper berries and thyme. The ingredients are salted and peppered, then covered with red wine and the juice on the meat. Cover the composition with a lid and simmer under the lid for one hour. The quinces are wiped well with a dry towel, cut into four, removing the wood and seeds, then cut into smaller pieces. The carrots are cleaned and sliced, then added to the goulash, along with the quinces. After 30-40 minutes, the sauce is mixed with a little flour diluted in cold water. Then taste the goulash, and if necessary add salt and season. Serve hot with dumplings or boiled potatoes.

Baked quince with cinnamon

Ingredients: 4 teaspoons caster sugar, 25 g butter divided into four, 4 teaspoons honey, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 4 cloves, 4 medium quinces.

Method of preparation

The quinces are washed and cut in half, horizontally. Remove the wood and the seeds, then put the quinces in the tray in which they will bake. A clove is inserted in each quince, then the seed box is filled with a spoonful of honey, over which cinnamon is sprinkled. Then put a piece of butter on top, over which a teaspoon of caster sugar is placed. Pour a little water into the pan, then bake for an hour. From time to time, the quince is sprinkled with the juice from the tray.

Quince cream

Ingredient: 400 g quince pulp (cubes), lemon juice, 125 g sugar, 4 eggs, 75 g table butter, a little salt.

Method of preparation

The quince cubes are boiled in a little water until soft. After cooling, mix until a consistent puree is obtained. The obtained puree is put on the fire, stirring constantly, until it heats up. Între timp, ouăle se bat cu zahărul, sarea și zeama de lămâie și se adaugă la piureul fierbinte. Se lasă pe foc 15 minute, amestecându-se în continuare, până ce compoziția se îngroașă suficient. Se adaugă apoi untul rece, amestecându-se ușor până ce compoziția devine lucioasă. Se ia de pe foc și se lasă la răcit maxim 48 de ore. Crema se poate servi cu biscuiți.

Gutui la cuptor cu vin rosu si scortisoara

Aceasta reteta simpla de gutui la cuptor cu vin rosu si scortisoara este o alta varianta a retetei pe care am publicat-o saptamana trecuta, cea de desert cu gutui cu sos caramel.

E o varianta la fel de usoara dar parca ai ceva mai putin de munca tu. Munceste mai mult cuptorul. Tu nu trebuie decat sa cureti bine gutuile, sa le feliezi, sa le pui in tava, le condimentezi si apoi, pentru o bucata de timp uiti de ele. In cuptor, evident.

Eu am facut retetea asta asa, de test. Nu stiam cat de bune pot iesi gutuile la cuptor facute in combinatia asta. De fapt trebuie sa recunosc ca aceasta reteta este precursoarea retetei de desert cu gutui si sos caramel. Intai am incercat varianta asta de gutui la cuptor cu vin si apoi am facut-o pe cealalta.

S-a nimerit insa sa le public exact pe dos, dar nu conteaza la urma urmei ordinea cronologica in care le-am gatit si publicat. Ci rezultatul!

Gutui coapte la cuptor

Astăzi te inspirăm în bucătărie cu o rețetă inedită, ușor de pregătit și gata în câteva minute. Gustul savuros și parfumat al gutuilor îți va aduce aminte de mâncarea de gutui din copilărie, pe care bunicile o preparau cu drag, după rețete numai de ele știute.

  • 5 gutui, tăiate în jumătate
  • 10 pere mici
  • 1 lemon
  • unt nesărat
  • sugar
  • White wine

Step 1. Încălzește cuptorul . Așează perele și gutuile în două castroane separate, de aceleași dimensiuni și stoarce peste ele zeama de la o lămâie.

Step 2. Topește untul într-o tigaie, pe aragaz. Adaugă bucățile de pară. procedează la fel și cu gutuile: așează-le într-o tigaie în care ai topit untul înainte. Adaugă zahărul, egal, în fiecare tigaie și câteva bețișoare de vanilie, pentru un gust aromat. Lasă-le câteva minute pe foc și apoi toarnă un păhărel de vin alb, în ambele tigăi.

Step 3. Mută perele și gutuile din tigaie în tava pentru copt. Mai întâi pune gutuile, și, după ce acestea s-au fragezit ușor adaugă și perele, care se vor coace mai repede. După ce fructele au prins o culoare arămie, încearcă-le cu o furculiță, sa vezi dacă sunt gata. Dacă ajungi ușor în interiorul fructelor, atunci ele sunt suficient de coapte.

Oprește cuptorul, pune fructele pe o farfurie și apoi servește-le alături de câteva bețișoare de vanilie, pentru un gust dulceag, aromat.


For the dough:

For the filling:

Method of preparation:

Prepara aluatul: amesteca faina, sarea si zaharul. Adauga-le intr-un robot de bucatarie (vas pentru mixer). Adauga untul moale si amesteca bine, cam 10 secunde. Toarna treptat apa rece, in timp ce malaxorul sau mixerul merge, pana cand formezi un aluat consistent. Baga aluatul invelit in folie alimentara la frigider o ora si incepe sa prepari umplutura.

Pregateste fructele pentru umplutura: Pune zece cani de apa impreuna cu una de zahar la fiert. Adauga coaja de la 1/2 lamaie si zeama de la 1 1/2 lamai. Adauga gutuile curatate si taiate felii in oala si lasa-le pe foc, 8-10 minute, pana se inmoaie. Scurge-le de zeama.

Amesteca restul de zahar cu sarea in forma de tarta si pune-l la caramelizat, pe foc mic. Asaza apoi feliile de fructe posate peste caramel. Unge-le pe deasupra cu cele doua linguri de unt, inainte de a pune foaia de aluat.

Scoate aluatul de la frigider si intinde-l (mai gros), apoi asaza foaia formata deasupra gutuilor, pana acoperi suprafata formei. Baga tarta la cuptor, 45 de minute, pana cand aluatul se rumeneste.

Intoarce tava cat este fierbinte pe un platou. In acest fel, vei avea fructele caramelizate deasupra, iar crusta dedesubt.