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Eating potatoes with meat or sausages

Eating potatoes with meat or sausages

A recipe inspired by my sister-in-law, Alis, whom I thank a lot for presenting me with this recipe with potatoes, absolutely delicious! Her recipe was with rose sausages, but I made it with pork.
I wholeheartedly recommend it!

  • 300 g pork / 3 rose sausages
  • 1/2 kg of potatoes
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 onion
  • salt, pepper, vegeta
  • oil

Servings: 3

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Meat or potato dish:

Peel the potatoes, cut them into cubes and put them in a pot to boil with a teaspoon of salt. Meanwhile, cut the pork into thicker pieces and fry in a Teflon pan, like the grills. While it is frying, chop the onion and pepper and put them to harden in a little oil, over low heat. When the vegetables are cooked, add the meat and season. The potatoes are not left to boil for more than 15 minutes, so that they do not spread afterwards. Squeeze water and put in the pot with vegetables and meat. Mix everything carefully and continue to simmer

If necessary, add more water. After about 10 minutes, turn off the heat. Serve with parsley, according to preference. Very good!

Baked sausage potatoes

Baked sausage potatoes. When you are full of ideas regarding the daily menu, we offer you a recipe that is as simple as it is tasty. From simple ingredients you can get a delicious lunch or dinner, to the liking of the whole family. Baked sausage potatoes they are easy to prepare, have a good taste and are ideal for a meal in 3-4 people.

Even if it is a simple recipe, it is advisable to use quality ingredients, especially some good sausages, preferably homemade. You can also use chorizo, a spicy sausage spaniel, very aromatic and tasty, which will give your dish a special taste.

This food is served hot, with chopped greens on top and a simple green salad with lemon and olive oil.

Ingredients 3 servings & # 8211 1 cup

6 large potatoes, 1 white onion, 4 tablespoons 18% sour cream, 2 eggs, 7 cherry tomatoes, 3 semi-smoked sausages, salt and pepper to taste, 100 g cheese, 3 strands of green parsley.

Preparation Baked sausage potatoes

The sausages are cold on both sides in a grill pan .

Wash the vegetables (onions, potatoes), peel and wash. Cut the potatoes into suitable cubes and cook for 10 minutes.

a ceramic vessel we put the potatoes, sliced ​​onions and sliced ​​sausages.

The cream is mixed vigorously with eggs, salt and pepper until we obtain a homogeneous composition and then we add it over the potatoes.

Angst sausage, bacon and sweet potatoes with pasta & # 8211 cooking time 30 minutes

If you have a busy family, you know the challenge of eating healthy and consistent meals. Preparing pasta is a great way to do this, as you can combine them with vegetables and hearty proteins. When everything is mixed in a delicious sauce and covered with a lot of cheese, this is a sure way to attract the interest of your children.

Ingredients & # 8222 Angst sausages, bacon and sweet potatoes with pasta & # 8221:

  • 8 sweet potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 packet of favorite pasta
  • 1 jar of sausages with Angst garnish
  • 1 pack of sausages of your choice (bacon)
  • 1 sliced ​​onion
  • 1 head of fresh garlic
  • 1 sage branch

For the cheese sauce:

  • 1 cube of butter
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup chicken soup
  • milk
  • mozzarella and parmesan

Preparation instructions:

  1. Wash, clean and chop all sweet potatoes into 1 cm pieces. Add them to a bowl with olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper to cover. Spread the potato cubes in a single layer on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for about 10 or 15 minutes until soft. Cook the pasta according to the instructions.
  2. Cook the sausages in a large pan on the stove over medium heat until they become crispy, then cut them into small pieces. Add the onion and garlic over them and cook for another minute. Remove the sausages with a spoon with holes and set them aside.

Now it's time to make the cheese sauce. Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour. Cook for a minute, then add salt and pepper.

The best slow food recipes

Your slow oven is the king of many things: tackling huge pieces of meat, potluck favorites and meals that practically cook on their own while you work (or sleep!), To name a few. But don't forget all your favorite comfort dishes! Because, yes, your slow cooker is the perfect tool for making a single number of meatballs or some ultra-creamy poppy seeds and cheese.

This recipe will be to the liking of both poppy lovers and cheesemakers! Served immediately, the result is creamy and toothpick (such as poppy stovetop and cheese). But if you set the slow cooker to heat up, the noodles soften the sauce for a more poppy-like texture and casserole-shaped cheese.

This family favorite takes a detour worthy of classic lasagna and swaps long noodles for a bag of frozen ravioli. Not only does it provide the desired pasta and sauce, but there is also a double dose of cheese and assembly is a total breeze.

Remember that a great benefit of your slow cooker is that it makes cooking easier. Eloquent case? It's not much easier than this kissed pork. I recommend keeping the leftovers in the freezer for taco night.

If there is anything better than a comforting meal, when you get a mash-up for two. This slow cooker dinner with parmesan-meets chicken can't wait to be drained over a bowl of spaghetti or stuffed into a roll.

This universally comforting soup lasts a while, but it really couldn't be easier to put it together.

Accompanied by a bunch of caramelized onions and ultra-rich broth, it will not be much better than the melted beef steak in the mouth.

Mix the cabbage the night before, then turn on the slow cooker before leaving for work in the morning. You will be greeted with a hearty dinner, swimming in a sweet and tangled sauce, when you get home.

We couldn't talk about comfortable food without mentioning the chocolate cake! This version is rich, gooey and completely dreamy.

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from bloggers we love. Watch each week as we post our favorites. Flank steak is a great way to mix protein during the week, so your dinner isn't all chicken, every day. It's a relatively cheap beef cut and I find it much easier to cook than chicken, because you don't have to worry about bringing the meat to the exact right temperature.

Meal plan for next week

Welcome to next week's Meal Plan! I want to help you find inspiration and ease some of the pain points that come with dinner on the table in the evening after night, whether you're cooking for one or a family of eight. That's why, as I promised, this series is changing - every week I'll respond to readers' requests and share the meal plans you want to see. It's not too late! What kind of meal plans would you like to see?

As I eat my weight in sweet strawberries at this time of year, I am reminded of what to do with the abundance of spring and summer fruits. Usually, I am not satisfied with the joys of berries and stone fruits as it is, but when I went a little overboard on the farmers market, the jam is one of the many things I consider. Or is it jelly? The two terms for spreading fruit have always confused me a bit. Fortunately, there is an easy way to distinguish between the two.

If you still don't meet for dinner, it's time to introduce yourself. The concept? Throw a handful of things into a slow cooker or Instant Pot and let the appliance do all the work. Sure, you may have to chop a few vegetables or look for a piece of meat in the instant pot, but there really is nothing for you other than grabbing plates and forks.

On this Easter day we were endowed with a 22 kilogram ham (.) And, while we had our share of the Easter holidays, we still had a decent amount. I'm not even a little crazy, because I know that I can freeze some for future use and that there are a lot of ways - big and small - that we can use this week. Here are 17 of my favorite recipes for using leftover ham. The city's hat freezes incredibly well. In my opinion? Freeze the ham in different forms for future use.

It's Earth Day - or Earth Moon, as we prefer! - so natural, we turn our attention to the kitchen. And specifically ways we can create less waste and be more efficient and careful with our results Between packaging and food scraps, a certain degree of kitchen waste feels inevitable. For most, there is no way to get rid of it completely, but there are a lot of small and easy ways to limit the amount of waste that comes out of our kitchens.

Meet my new favorite brunch dish: Hawaii Roll Egg-in-a Hole. You may be familiar with poached eggs as a beloved childhood breakfast dish, but this version is easier to cook for a lot and offers a great flavor. Serve this baked egg for the family brunch or beat it when you feed a hungry crowd. Here are my tricks to fuck him every time. At first glance, this recipe is quite simple: make a well in each roll, crack in an egg and bake!

Fritters have long been my solution whenever I need to use sad-looking products, withered herbs, and small pieces of cheese in my refrigerator. I don't often make them with a plan - until now. Inspired by my favorite cheesy dip and warm spring weather, I came up with an artichoke-laden omelette marinated in garlic, baby spinach, salted Parm and rich cream. I knew it would be fine, but it was above all my expectations.

Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, and the spring season is now in full force. And doesn't it really feel like meringue time? Lots of fresh eggs mean more whites for cooking and baking - including air-light meringue cakes and delicious meringue pie. And when it comes to the latter, we are always looking for ways to make meringue as light, fluffy and luxurious as possible.

Evil eggs are one of the most beloved applications and snacks. Put a plate at any gathering or holiday meeting and it is guaranteed that they will be crowded as soon as possible. I am a purist at heart, who believes that you can never go wrong with the classic creamy, mustard-filling tits, although there is an almost endless variety of ways to dress and reinvent these two snack bites. Here are 10 of our favorite ideas for evil recipes to consider.

One of the pleasures of cooking ham for a large gathering, obviously outside of its consumption, is that the city hawks that we glaze and bake for the holidays are already cooked. This should take the guesswork out of cooking a ham at home, right? But because most hawks are quite large and have spiral cuts and giant bones to deal with, it can be hard to tell when a ham is actually cooked "ready." Here's everything you need to know about ham temperatures for reheating and serving.

Baba pasta (or babka, or babka wielkanocna) has secluded Easter meals for Polish families for centuries - along with mazurek cakes, painted eggs and cheese desserts. The defender is this: Of course, the dessert was said to be made in pans that looked like a tall Bundt pan, but without the hole in the center. A medieval recipe claims that their special version - which requires 24 eggs and 1 tablespoon of freshly poured vanilla beans, which are beaten more than an hour (!

For those of us who love devilish eggs (and we are legion), there is really no occasion that cannot be enhanced by a plate of eggs filled with beaten egg yolks. Maybe this is Easter lunch, their most local habitat or a work party where everyone - even the most become! - it can fall on that plate of small carrots. What about breakfast? Do the devil's eggs belong to breakfast? Oh yes. And I have the recipe to prove it.

Potato lasagna with minced meat & # 8211 a particularly fragrant and delicious dish that can be easily prepared by anyone!

We present you a delicious lasagna recipe with potatoes. From the simplest ingredients you get a particularly fragrant and tasty dish, which can be easily prepared for lunch or dinner. Due to the fact that it is prepared extremely simply and quickly, potato lasagna will successfully diversify the daily menu, and the family will appreciate it at the highest level.


-500 g minced chicken

-200 g of mozzarella cheese

-2 tablespoons vegetable oil

-2 tablespoons wine (optional)


1. Peel and chop the onion. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Fry the onion and carrot in a pan with hot oil until soft.

2. Add the minced meat to the pan with the onion and carrot. Mix well and fry for another 10 minutes.

3. Wash the tomato well and cut it into 4 parts. Grate the tomato core. Add the tomato puree to the pan and stir. Also, add the tomato sauce and wine. Match with salt and ground black pepper. Stir. Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool.

4. Prepare the white sauce: in a small saucepan, melt the butter. Add the flour and mix continuously for 1 minute. With a thin jet, stirring constantly, pour the milk and simmer the sauce until it thickens. Take the pan off the heat.

5. Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into thin slices.

6. Prepare the baking tin and grease it with sauce. Place a layer of potatoes in the form.

7. Cover the potatoes with an even layer of meat and vegetables. Grate the cheese and sprinkle the meat with it, then pour a little white sauce. Alternate the layers until you assemble the lasagna. The last layer should be the potatoes, sprinkled with grated cheese and covered with sauce.

8. Cover the form with aluminum foil and put it in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 60-90 minutes. Baking time depends on each oven.

9. Remove the aluminum foil and return the lasagna to the oven to brown slightly.

Lentil food with homemade sausages

I often cook stews of all kinds, dishes with sauce and vegetables, with or without meat. And lentil food is also a stew, just like potato stew or bean stew , The same as goulash or mushroom stew, and if we talk about stew with onions and dumplings , this is my favorite & # 128578. They are all absolutely delicious.

Lentils are very popular in Italy, they are consumed very often in Italian homes, just like pasta. It is part of the traditional New Year's recipes, when eating lentils with pork broth, & bdquoCotechino with lentils& rdquo.

Baked new potatoes with yogurt sauce and garlic & # 8211 Ingredients

With just a few simple and handy ingredients, you can prepare an excellent garnish for any type of steak.

Ingredients for preparing potatoes:

  • 750 gr new potatoes
  • 25 g butter or 20 ml olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • paprika
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 bunch of green dill

For garlic sauce:

  • 1 head of garlic
  • 200 gr creamy yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon butter, or olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 1/2 bunch of green dill


Wash the chicken parts and dry them with a paper towel. Do not peel the chicken if you want maximum juiciness. Then you need to peel the garlic, cut into thin slices. Then carefully separate the chicken skin without removing it and pierce the open meat with a knife. Insert the chopped garlic slices into the holes. Grate the hard cheese on a fine grater and sprinkle with the chicken drumstick, then put the skin back on.

After that, you need to mix mayonnaise (sm & # 226nt & # 226nă) with ground pepper (you can use a pepper mixture), salt and mustard. Use the resulting sauce as a marinade for the chicken in the oven.

Then you need to mix mayonnaise (sm & # 226nt & # 226nă) with ground pepper (you can use a pepper mixture), salt and mustard. Use the resulting sauce as a marinade for the chicken in the oven. Set the chicken aside, let it marinate until the potatoes come to the fore.

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small cubes. Then put it in a baking bag, cover with turmeric, a mixture of peppers, pour a small amount of vegetable oil in it and shake the bag to mix the ingredients. Then tie it tightly and make small punctures in several places. Then put in a preheated oven and cook for an hour. Delicious chicken and baked aromatic potatoes will decorate any festive dinner.

Soothing food

On Tuesday we have ciolan, on Thursday we have Speciala, we think it's time to stick something to the other days of the working week at Camino. Until next time, it was Wednesday's turn. We intend to make soothing food every Wednesday, in the style of & # 8222 mother's food & # 8221. Foods that we used to eat as children or that we still eat when we visit our mothers. We will make chicken soups, soups like at home, pipette stews, fried livers, mashed potatoes, sausages with cabbage, marinated meatballs, beef salads (maybe even with chicken, let it be a job until the end :)) pies and pancakes, polenta and macaroni with cheese and scallops, homemade cakes. How about that? We start tomorrow with chicken soup with noodles, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and sweet tomato sauce and a little garlic. For dessert, cherry pie. Do you have any ideas?

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hm & # 8230I don't know why, in fact, I think that since I was at my mother's house, there are some foods that I associate especially with winter. And it would be something like this: potato stew with smoked sausages and served with polenta and sour cabbage, or cabbage juice & # 8230good bad :)) That's what I think I'll do on the weekend :)
And what did my mother remind me of these days: baked potatoes (whole, in shell) and smoked bacon, onions & # 8230and with boiled eggs or & # 8230depends on where our imagination takes us in the pantry :) Only goodies :))
Thank you, Adi, for all the goodies I find in you!

I like baked potatoes too :)

I would start with dessert :) POULTRY MILK. I haven't eaten since I was a child when my mother wasn't so comfortable :(
Let's move on to serious things: if the Transylvanians like it too: meatball soup with BORS !! and LEUSTEAN !! (For Muntenians, a well-made meatball soup is the most & # 8222 at home mom & # 8221, in my opinion). At this time a meatball (bird, pork.) Would go first.
For type two I am in a dilemma: I would opt for peppers stuffed with rice (without meat) to make it easier and healthier. Of course you can fill zucchini (not zucchini because they look more nauseous) and tomatoes, eggplants in the same tray & # 8230
My mother also made baked peppers with sour cream (delicious) that go instead of meatballs.

bird's milk is on the list :)

There would be (for me) sarmale, crispy snacks, chicken peas with chicken, chicken brine with polenta. And for dessert: rice with milk, semolina with milk, cheese or pumpkin pie. I hope the ideas are useful :) And what about a day for fish? :)

Stir-fried meatball soup with sauerkraut juice :)
Beaten beans with meat or homemade sausages fried in lard plus pickles
Pie with cabbage, onion or cheese (from that of classic bread dough, baked in a larger tray or smaller pies baked individually, my grandmother called them kisses :)
Mushroom stew (good, fragrant, forest mushrooms)
Sweet bread
Stuffed pepper soup or stuffed peppers in tomato sauce
Balmos, polenta bulz with bellows cheese :)

Alas for my head, what cholesterol-filled things I have listed here, what to do with them, I associate these with going home, to my mother or grandmother, it is clear that we are Transylvanians. Anyway, since it's winter, I've listed more winter dishes. In summer I go for lettuce soup, green bean soup & # 8230

do you have a good salad soup recipe? :)

I make it as follows, for a pot of about four liters of soup: two heads of salad if the heads are large, if not three & # 8211 the idea is to have a lot of lettuce, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 2-3 tablespoons oil, approx. two liters of water, two eggs, about 4-500 ml of sweet milk, about 5-600 ml of whipped milk or more liquid yogurt, about 200 ml of sour cream. I soaked the garlic in oil for about a minute, added the lettuce leaves and simmered them for about 10 minutes. Add water, simmer for another 10 minutes, add salt, turn off the heat and let it cool a bit. Meanwhile, mix the sweet milk, whipped milk, eggs and cream and straighten the soup with them. If it needs to be sour, add a few drops of lemon or vinegar.
It can be made with whey instead of water, you can also harden a little smoked bacon at the beginning, with garlic, so according to your preferences. However, what is really important is to have a good, tender, young salad, and quality dairy & # 8211 that is, whipped milk and real cream. We eat it with various things next to it: kneaded sheep's cheese, polenta or homemade bread, scrambled eggs

I have an excellent salad soup recipe, with carrots and a little smoked bacon. If you want, let's talk about its development

Aoleau what my appetite is for food like at home :)

Sour vegetable soup with borscht and sour cream with sour cream, sauerkraut with smoked (ciolan, scarita, smoked ribs) and for dessert delicious croissants with walnut and jam filling / jam or sweet cheese pie

It's not long and the fast begins, sweet and fasting options:

1. beans rubbed with sauerkraut or sauerkraut only with oil, + fried sausage
2. low beans
3. bean soup with rantas, red onion with oil and vinegar
4. potato stew
5. potato soup
6. pots
7. Oriental salad
8. paprika with flour dumplings
9. chicken with sour cream and dill
10. baked pies with sauerkraut, or with plums, or with cheese, or twists with cheese or apples
11. Cake with leaves with bee honey

It can be seen that I miss Romania :)

But now I prefer boiled meat with vegetables and squeezed lemon: D

it's fat if you eat it all alone :)

When I was little, during the long winter, every Tuesday, my mother made a dish typical of the Romania-Hungary border area: the parade with the internships, that is, a thicker tomato soup in which she throws some pieces of sausage. smoked house and some eggs. Eat with pieces of bread (croutons) browned in the oven. Super tasty.

1. Bean soup / soup with onion salad
2. Pork alms with polenta and sauerkraut salad
3. Gris pudding (possibly with cottage cheese) with cherry jam

I always associate the chicken paprika with dumplings with my mother or grandmother. green bean soup (or soup.) made with a little sugar, that's how my Hungarian grandmother cooked it - since she left I haven't been able to recreate that unique taste!
noodles with walnuts or poppy seeds, or even with grated, hardened apples, our favorite fasting food, children.
hot polenta covered with cold milk from the fridge-dinner on evenings when mom or grandma didn't have time.
cabbage pie, bellows cheese or hardened onion & # 8230baked in the hearth.
friganele & # 8230.or bread in egg. with sweet peas or carrots. a wonder!
it would be, but I missed it and a craving!

hot polenta with cold milk & # 8211 times back, dream!

1.Tomato soup (homemade broth) with semolina dumplings.
2. Beans & # 8222rubbed & # 8221with smoked sausages and fried onion with baked potatoes with smoked pork tenderloin from the greased garnish.
3. Rice with milk and cinnamon: donuts with jam.

yes, plum dumplings. and mashed potatoes, tomato sauce and meatballs.
ps: do you also put a link to the picture with the pies? look great. I never go round. that is, one in 10, 20! I mean never :)

very nice. I wrote them all down :).

Potato soup with meat from the jar (or garnished), white, without tomato sauce and sour, comes out like this, sweet and with a smoky taste & # 8230.
Cabbage seasoned with jumari, and for dessert clearly croissants with jam and walnuts (with battered dough with borscht and lard).

potato soup with tarragon, super fluffy donuts with red grape skin, plum dumplings, chicken paprika, salad soup, chicken soup with noodles made by my grandmother, cut by hand (I don't understand if I think, how she managed to make it so thin), smoked ham noodles in milk, cooked for Easter (since my grandparents died I haven't eaten such a good ham), smoked and dried sausages in the pantry (we were children and we broke from them, eating them naked) , bird's milk - and now I can still smell the vanilla in my grandmother's handkerchief, when she hugged us with the green onion omelette and the green bean soup - the same as the one described by Andrea, my grandmother being also the Hungarian baked potatoes with butter or with milk yogurt with caramel-instead of cocoa with milk, the simple cake, with nothing in it-foszlos kalacs called his grandmother, cakes like I haven't eaten since my grandmother died, made of snow-white flour, brought by my grandfather from the mill. I swear I feel the taste of all this, although I haven't eaten many for many years, I hear my grandmother's voice, I see my grandfather, big, & # 8222 driven by my little and fragile grandmother, I hear my mother laughing & # 8221 8230

Ear soup, made from a blanket of dough and spun on the fingers in the shape of ears. Sour with whey.
Iesnita on sour cream & # 8211 beaten eggs, with sour cream and water with flour that drains from the polenta.
Eggplant salad
Spinach with sour cream, nettles with mujdei
Chicken with sour cream, polenta and mujdei

You killed me with the picture that is with a slice of bread and the marrow ..offf my grandfather put a big pot to boil with beef bones leaving some meat on them, and he boiled them a lot, then he put potatoes, celery and whites and spices then he took everything out on a large tray and we ate it with horseradish, mayonnaise and a sauce with mayonnaise and mustard, and for the little ones my grandfather spread it on the bread and put garlic with onion, it was a richer version of the broth

as for food, I miss quince food with burnt sugar sauce, nettles with canned meat garlic, drumsticks and sausages, peppercorns stuffed with rice but boiled in tomato sauce, here they are made but peppers are small and bitter and are made in the soup from boiling meat, like zucchini and a kind of cabbage rolls in cabbage leaves all with rice, I would eat my grandmother's and mother's pies, I would eat some cakes made with corn porridge and donuts, the pot that my mother made in a large pan in the oven after gathering in it all the slightly fried vegetables but also beef because it was not left to leave a widow, dumplings with plums and belly soup in which my mother throws a handful of rice and on the plate throw a little green larch and lard on bread with garlic that I had to eat on the sly because they did not leave me .. and many and small what to say I miss tomatoes and tarragon and the sweet taste of milk and butter which is super greasy and tasteless here and what's more, I miss everything too I miss our green and cool country with good water, but in any case thank you for stirring us up in the memory of those who are gone, give us more ideas and advice that are welcome

I think it's been years since I ate julfa cake, made with hemp seeds! If you do something like that, I will cross the continent and come to Cluj, on Wednesday evening! Although I would be content with some dumplings boiled with cottage cheese!

More food, some food, I would have some:
& # 8211 egg soup, straight vartoasa with sour cream, bean soup with smoked ciolan, potato soup (papricas) as my mother used to say with smoked meat, vegetable soup with smoked sausages
& # 8211 cabbage with meat, cabbage from Cluj, low beans with sausages or smoked ciolan, sarmale in which my father liked to find pieces of fatty meat from the captain of a pig, pilaf with poultry (to change pork) and meat from the cloth, especially the simply fried rib, plus intigaie and sausages
-talks, pies, noodles with poppy seeds or walnuts

Definitely homemade chicken soup with homemade noodles. Cherry juice. Parade zama with sausages. Macaroni with gray. Homemade creams (including sheets). Smoked and dried sausages. Roll the string with walnuts, poppy seeds or sweet cheese.
Freshly caught fish from Cris (barbel, clean, perch, maybe even pike, once even an eel :), given through flour, a little salty and fried even on the same day & # 8211 of these I haven't eaten in a long time and I think I'm among the best fish I've ever eaten. No potatoes, no polenta, no mujdei, just fish with bread or, in my case, no, because I didn't like bread, I didn't eat bread at all until I was four.

Hmmmmm! yummmmmy
I only cook comfort food.
For example, on Sunday I made a salad soup, a chicken stew with garlic (ostropel) with polenta (millet), which I cut with string. I made some pies (as they say on the slab-like in Transylvania) with plum jam. And I cooked on the wood stove because it is very dear to me. Of course, my mother cooked on the stove but the food is much tastier on the stove.
I make chicken soup once every 2 weeks (and only with chicken raised in the yard). I make the mushroom stew about once a month (mushrooms from the forest picked with my hand). Sour vegetable soup with cabbage juice I made last week. And I make many of the above recipes.
I don't like to experience all kinds of food that I'm sure I won't touch.
Why I miss it: bird's milk and cocoa cake.

After all the ones listed above, I come with the addition that, for my grandmother, homemade noodle soup is associated in two ways with sarmale & # 8230. ) with cheese, or pie in the pan, with apples and cheese, respectively, baked in the oven in the yard, homemade bread, homemade dumplings with sweet cheese, dumplings with plums & # 8230sticks with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce & # 8230

I think these are the dishes I will prepare as soon as possible:
& # 8211 cherry soup (with or without meat)
& # 8211 Boiled beef with fruit sauce and mashed potatoes
& # 8211 dumplings with homemade plum jam
& # 8211 stuffed pepper soup
& # 8211 smoked bean soup
All six, in addition to many listed by the others, I go home to my mother.

Adi, I have some ideas too
& # 8211 hot cheese polenta paired with a cold salad soup & # 8230
-details Monday morning from Aunt Mera to the fireplace.
What do you say?

What comes to mind now are:
& # 8211 candles (lies)
& # 8211 cabbage (stuffed with cow cheese, spinach, dill and green onion tails) & # 8230
& # 8211 coil with walnut or poppy seeds put in a thick layer
& # 8211 grilled chicken (I'm not sure of that name) - it's chicken stew made from onions, peppers (if we have) hardened and then put the chicken and paprika and water, salt pepper and finally parsley served with puree or dumplings of or broken & # 8230
& # 8211 bread with lard and tomatoes or onions and a little salt
& # 8211 fine clams (peasant potatoes but mashed like puree) with smoked ham and red onion or green onion or radish
& # 8211 hit, rubbed onion salad & # 8230 I haven't been able to make it so far so mommy
& # 8211 egg soup (ie cumin in which eggs are thrown and then whipped with sour cream)
& # 8211 noodles with milk
& # 8211 toast rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with oil (freshly made)
& # 8211 pancove (donuts) with a lot of walnuts
& # 8211 Broken egg dumplings with chicken stew above = DELICIOUS
& # 8211 pea soup with chicken, root and broken egg dumplings
& # 8211 Cauliflower soup with broken egg dumplings
& # 8211 Baked chicken and potatoes in lard
& # 8211 cherry and walnut cake
& # 8211 apple cake & # 8211 sheets made with lard (very tender) between which squeezed apples mixed with cinnamon, sugar
& # 8211 creams
& # 8211 bacon with bread baked on the hearth and with onion slightly caught in the frost
& # 8211 mosocoarne (a kind of cheesecake) stuffed with grated apples
& # 8211 pasta with sweet cabbage
& # 8211 potato pies, sweet cabbage, cottage cheese mixed with dill
& # 8211 chicken on the bottle

Burnt sugar cream, cake with shit and raisins, honey cake, apple cake, chicken ostropel, stuffed zucchini

frateeeeeeeee & # grandmother used to make me friganele from slices of bread soaked in milk given through egg and fried and after that she put sugar on them and we eat them hot & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230.say if you ate too

Ioi, how good it all looks! Especially the pies seem to be typical codrenesti such as those from Baia Mare, are they somehow with leurda or am I wrong? And toast looks inviting (drip bread is said to be in my area).
My soothing food is the smoked bacon omelette, with green onions, mushrooms or sponges picked from my grandmother's yard in season, all with a steaming polenta. Or mushroom stew with polenta & # 8230 True relief, indeed!

Food for diabetics

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Easter and cake for diabetics

Rum essence, egg whites, rum all ingredients must be at room temperature. for the dough: 750 gr sifted flour 250 ml milk 30 gr normal yeast (3/4 cube) 300 gr fructose (or sugar) 3 eggs + 2 yolks 150 gr margarine for cakes 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Funny eyes

Children's food, 2-course food, 50 g of cheese, 2 slices of pepper, a piece of red, 2 kernels of milk, oil for frying

Food with spinach and chicken

Baby food, Food 1 kg fresh spinach 1 chicken breast 300 g cheese 3 eggs 20 g butter 2 tablespoons sour cream 2 tablespoons flour 1 nutmeg powder salt, pepper

Ghost bread for Halloween

Children's food, Pizza dough food, bought from the store or homemade olive oil salt

Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer

Children's food, Food a triangle of melted cheese 2 pretzels a black olive a piece of tomato or red pepper for the nose


Baby food, Food 1 cup rice with round grain 1 1/4 cup water salt 1 sheet of clouds to fill: canned oil drained

Simple and fast cherry cake (for diabetics)

Sweets, Egg Cakes, 75-100 g fructose + natreen powder (or any kind of saccharin), 125ml oil (for those who do not eat monti, it can be 100 g margarine), 600 ml yogurt with strawberries, 0% fat, 0 % sugar, 150 g wholemeal flour, 150-175 g tarate wholemeal flour.

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