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Quince jam

Quince jam

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After peeling the quinces (which I used on the pellet), scrape them on the large grater.

Put the grated quinces in a pan, add the sugar, lemon juice and vanilla sugar. I cut the rest of the lemon into cubes and put it in the jam.

Let it boil slowly, stirring constantly.

When the jam has set well, add the willow and pour it hot into jars.

We will keep the jars in hot dust.

Quince jam

My favorite jam is quince jam. Like any jam, it's not hard to make, it just takes a little patience. Particularly quince jam needs a little more patience, because of course I don't like grated quince jam but chopped quince jam. I'm honestly thinking of making another row of jams, I'm definitely still quince at the market. It is very important to use Romanian quinces, the imported ones are not as good. And of course if you make quince jam you have to make a jam.

1kg old
600g quinces weighed after being cut (julienne or cubes) or grated
500ml water
50ml lemon juice
a vanilla stick
walnut kernel for decoration

Quinces contain a large amount of pectin so they are put in a smaller amount than sugar because it gels the syrup.

Choose large and well-cooked quinces. Wipe the fluffy quinces well with a clean cloth or paper towel. Peel and cut the julienne pulp (in the shape of matchsticks). Both the shell and the backs can be used for the skin. Because it oxidizes easily, you need to work fast. Even if it oxidizes a bit, it's not a tragedy, they will regain their color when you boil the jam.

Bring water, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla bean (the core removed and the bar itself) to a boil. Once the sugar has melted you can add the quinces.

Boil the jam and when it shows signs that it has started to set (the syrup is a little thicker) start experimenting with the plate kept in the freezer (put a drop of syrup on the cold plate. If the drop does not drip or if you touch it with your finger it is very sticky, the jam is ready).

After it has cooled, put the jam in jars. You can take out or not the pieces of vanilla stick and you can add half of the walnut kernel directly in the jar.

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Quince jam with walnuts from: quince, walnut kernel, sugar, water, lemon, vanilla pods. Ingredients: 1 1/4 kg quince 200 g walnut kernels 1 kg sugar 500 ml water 2 lemons 1/2 vanilla pods Preparation: Boil the water together with the sugar and lemon juice until the syrup starts [& hellip]

Quince jam cake

Quince jam cake made from: quince, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, corn, nuts, baking powder, jam. Ingredients: 3 quinces 200 g butter 250 g brown sugar 6 eggs 200 g flour 60 g fine corn 50 g walnuts 1/2 sachet baking powder To serve: an egg white 50 g powdered sugar juice in half [& hellip]

Quince jam recipe

Quince jam recipe from: quince, sugar, water, lemon, vanilla. Ingredients: 1.5 kg quince 1 kg sugar 1 I water 1 lemon vanilla Preparation: Peel the quinces well and peel them on a large grater. In order not to oxidize, sprinkle with lemon juice. Make a syrup (1 [& hellip]

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Tasty quince jam

Tasty quince jam from: quince, sugar, water, lemon. Ingredients: 2 kg quince one kg sugar 300 ml water a lemon Preparation: Peel the quinces, empty them of the hard box, and gather the seeds and put them in a clean gauze that binds. Sprinkle sliced ​​quinces with juice [& hellip]

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Quince jam with walnut kernels

Quince jam with walnut kernel from: quince, walnut kernel, sugar, water, lemon, vanilla pods. Ingredients: 1 1/4 kg quince 200 g walnut kernels 1 kg sugar 500 ml water 2 large lemons or 3 small lemons 1/2 vanilla pod Preparation: Boil the water together with the sugar and [& hellip]

Recipe of the day: Quince jam with nuts

The quinces, which we have been waiting for so long to appear, have finally baked, and the first thing we think of is to prepare a delicious jam. The sweet-sour taste and the scent of quinces in combination with the crunchy core of walnuts give an aromatic sweetness that we can fully enjoy in the cold season. Ingredient: 1.5 [& hellip]

Baked apple with dehydrated fruit

Baked apple with dehydrated fruits from: apples, cherry jam, quince jam, prunes, butter, cinnamon, rum, oil and salt. Ingredients: 4 apples 1 tablespoon cherry jam 2 tablespoons quince jam 4 prunes 2 tablespoons cinnamon butter 1 ampoule with rum salt oil Preparation: Wash [& hellip]

Recipe of the day: Quince jam

Quince jam is one of the most fragrant and fragrant jams, with a unique taste and a special color that delights us all. Although it requires a little work, quince jam should not be missing from our pantry. 1.5 kg quince 1 liter water 1 kg sugar 2 lemons 1 orange 2 sugar sachets [& hellip]

Jams: Quince jam

Quince jam from: sugar, water, quince, vanilla sugar and lemon juice. Ingredients: 3 cups sugar 2 liters of water 1, 5 kilograms quince 1-2 sachets of vanilla sugar 2 tablespoons lemon juice Preparation: Wash the quinces well, cut them in half and clean the seeds and the middle areas. Rinse them well to [& hellip]

Quince jam

A delicious recipe for quince jam, sugar, water, lemon juice, vanilla stick, vanilla essence. Ingredients: 1 kg sugar 600 g quinces weighed after being cut into cubes 500 ml water 500 ml lemon juice 1 vanilla bean vanilla essence Preparation: In a pot, put [& hellip]

Recipe of the day: Quince jam

A recipe for quince jam from: quince, fructose, water and lemon juice. Ingredients: 4 kg quince 1500 g fructose 3 l water juice from 1 lemon Preparation: Wash the quinces well. It cleans the stumps. They are given through the large grater. Boil water [& hellip]

How to prepare Apple tart and quince jam (video)

A video recipe on how to prepare apple tart and quince jam from: apples, quince jam, pie puff pastry, sugar and powdered sugar. Ingredients: two apples 100 grams of quince jam puff pastry sugar powdered sugar Preparation: Spread a sheet of pie on the bottom of a turned tray. [& hellip]

Quince jam

Quince jam Ingredients: 1 kg quince 500 g sugar 3 tablespoons vanilla lemon juice 250 ml water Preparation: Choose large quinces, wash, remove the spine and cut into small cubes. They cook quickly, as the quinces turn red if they are cut longer. Bring the syrup to a boil [& hellip]

Quince jam

We wash the quinces to remove the fluff from them. We clean them and put them on the large grater (or cut them into thin sticks). squeeze as many lemons until you get 100 ml of juice. In an enameled pan (or cast iron) put 500 ml of boiling water with 1 kg of sugar and 100 ml of lemon juice.

When hot, add the grated quinces. The quinces will oxidize, but don't be scared, after you put them in the hot syrup they will regain their color. After you have added the quinces, cut a piece of about 2-3 cm from the vanilla stick and put it to boil together with the quince syrup (if you don't have a vanilla stick, add the vanilla sugar 1 minute before taking the jam from the fire). Leave the heat on medium and stir continuously.

Continue boiling until the syrup binds (when we lift the spoon from the pan on its side appear three or 2 drops that fall at once).

When the quinces have a shiny appearance and float in the syrup, the pan is immediately removed from the heat, because the quinces darken in color and the jam will have a burnt sugar taste.

It is foamed and then the pan taken from the fire is covered with a napkin moistened in cold water and well squeezed. If it dries quickly, moisten it again and cover the pan again.

Let the jam cool completely in the pan (I left it all night and in the morning it was coagulated), then put it in jars. We close the jars and place them in the pantry.

Quince jam - Recipes

Posted by Postolache Violeta on October 16, 2012 canned quince jam quince jam quince recipes | Comments: 37

Quince jam is an exceptional jam, very aromatic, with a special taste, it is suitable for both cakes and breakfast spread on a slice of bread with butter with a tea or a glass of warm milk.


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What a craving you made me. We haven't seen quinces yet, but I'll be on stage when they show up.

What a beautiful color! Very good quince jam!

Super delicious! Mmm, I love her. Many kisses!

I enjoy this recipe, I like quinces, too. And children. Very successful pictures, congratulations!

How good is the jam, one of my favorites! Kiss

I like jam in general but I prefer to consume it in smaller quantities, which is why I prefer to have more types of jam, maybe you will surprise me with new recipes related to jam!

f good! and they've been doing it for a while..Pup

How much I like the taste of this jam!

Mmm. I adore!! It's my favorite !!

Excellence with a special taste and aroma, I like it!

Hello and good-looking ... I made the jam and the jam according to your recipes with the only difference that I shaved the quince. Thank you very much because I really didn't know how to do them.

Hi girls. I'm glad I found a jam recipe that suits me very well. I received some quinces from a neighbor and I was thinking of making a jam with them. And from the remaining shells I will make a jam. And this recipe looks very delicious.

It's wonderful and fragrant! Quince jam is my favorite.

I want it too. Delicious, I hope to be able to do it this fall too.

a new idea: cinnamon, I used to put a few sprigs of mint, but I'll try anyway. I haven't made quince jam for many years, but today I do. thanks for the idea.

I went to the country and today I have to prepare jam or compote because it spoils if I keep them longer. My mother did not make cinnamon, it is difficult for me to detach myself from the tradition of the house but I am open to the new one and this year I will make it according to your recipe. F. beautiful presentation :)

It looks good. In a few minutes I will prepare some jars. I wonder if it will come out good from wild quince. iam iam.

I made jam. it is delicious. congratulations.

I like any quince dish

it looks great and I think it's delicious!

hello, are the quinces peeled?

Of course, quinces are peeled beforehand.

Hello all,
I make this jam from small quinces, from the country, they are much more fragrant and I only add lemon juice, and a few thin slices of lemon with peel. without vanilla.
I prefer the quince flavor to stay that way.
Cut the quinces like slices of mandarins, they look more beautiful.
I boil the water, and when the water boils, I add the fruit that I sprinkled with lemon juice so that it doesn't oxidize. I bring them to a boil, turn off the heat and put them in a strainer.
In the obtained juice I add the sugar and boil the quite bound syrup.
I let it cool for 5 minutes, I add the fruit, I leave it for another quarter of an hour, after which I boil it over high heat.
Have a wonderful day!

Apple pie and quince jam

These days I cleaned the pantry and found a few jars of older quince jam, so I prepared this wonderful apple pie recipe and quince jam.

The sour apples combined very well with the pleasantly aromatic quince jam!

And I added, of course, the indispensable cinnamon. I think you can imagine what an autumn scent I had in the whole house!

As a dough, we prepared the recipe we like the most, with yogurt and butter.

We actually like the dough recipe with yogurt and lard, but I missed the lard, so I used butter.

The yoghurt dough comes out of this very tender apple pie recipe and quince jam, especially since I add a little baking soda, in addition to baking powder.

It is also interesting Apple pie and cinnamon dough recipe, which I highly recommend!

And if you opt for a thin-leaf pie, I recommend you try it This Apple Pie Recipe!

Homemade thin sheets successfully compete with commercial ones, so they are worth a try.

Find on the blog more pie recipes with various fillings, for all tastes, in the category Sweets.

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* You can also sign up for Recipes group of all kinds. There you will be able to upload your photos with dishes from the blog. We will be able to discuss menus, food recipes and much more.

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Quince jam and jam

Quince jam and jam from: quince, water, sugar, lemon juice, apples, anise.


For jam:

For the skin:

  • shells and stalks with quince seeds
  • 1 kg red apples
  • sugar
  • 2 anise stars (optional)

Method of preparation:

For the jam, peel the quinces, cut them into slices and cut each very thin slice with a knife or grate it on a large grater.

Bring the water to a boil with the sugar, collecting the foam regularly. When the syrup has set, put the quinces and continue boiling until the syrup binds again.

For the peel, boil the quince stalks together with the peeled and sliced ​​apples. Add enough water with 3-4 fingers without stirring so as not to disturb the syrup.

When they are all boiled, strain the syrup through a fine sieve, and boil the liquid with an equal amount of sugar.

Quince jam for the winter. Very tasty traditional recipe

Jam is a dish that should not be missing from any pantry, being ideal for the cold season. This time we will prepare a refined dessert from grated quince, simple and especially healthy because it does not contain preservatives.

The quinces have an exceptional taste and an appetizing smell, and about the color… what else can we say, it is a specific one for autumn, the yellow being indispensable in the jars. The preparation for Monday, November 2, 2020, will contain a little lemon that will better bind the composition.

Lemon also has the role of anticrystallization, ie it prevents the sugaring of sugar syrup. At the same time, this citrus prevents the blackening of the fruit. So here is the recipe for quince jam.

Quince jam recipe. Specific ingredients:
• 500 grams of grated quince
• 350 grams of sugar
• half a lemon
• half a stick or vanilla or an envelope of vanilla sugar, optional
• cinnamon stick, optional.
How to prepare grated quince jam. Steps to follow:
1. The quinces are cleaned of down and washed very well. Leave to dry

2. Meanwhile, prepare the syrup which is made from 100 ml of water, a little lemon juice and 3 slices of this citrus. They are boiled in a deep saucepan, being ready when the sample passes with the drop from the plate

3. Specifically, the drop of syrup must retain its grain shape. Be careful not to caramelize the syrup

4. At this point, put the quinces on the small grater with the peel, then put them in syrup so that they do not turn black.

5. Add the vanilla sugar and cinnamon here. Mix well

6. Boil the fruit for 1 minute, then remove from the heat and leave to cool

7. After cooling for 15 minutes, boil again for another minute

8. Repeat the procedure 4 times, after each boil the jam becomes much more bound. In this way the sugar is not caramelized and the syrup is not sweetened

9. At the same time, during cooling the quinces have time to absorb from the syrup and thus are entrusted

10. The grated quince jam is ready when it has cooled completely

11. Remove the vanilla or cinnamon sticks from the pot

12. The jam is put in cold jars, but not before being washed and sterilized

13. Quince jam is suitable for sweet and has a spectacular aroma. Good appetite!

* The content of this article is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. For a correct diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

Quince jam cubes

Unfortunately, quinces are not made all year round, so when they appear on the market I take full advantage and buy as many as possible to make jam. And this recipe for diced quince jam is absolutely fabulous! A delicious aroma that you will not find anywhere else!

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