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Semolina pudding, cheese and caramel

Semolina pudding, cheese and caramel

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I made the caramel first. I melted the butter and put the sugar. I left it until it caramelized and it turned brown. Do not leave too much, otherwise it will burn.

I put the caramel in a yena cake form and in two ramekins.

I boiled the milk with two tablespoons of sugar.

I separated the two eggs.

I mixed the cheese with the yolks, the other two tablespoons of sugar, vanilla, lemon peel.

When the milk started to boil, I put the semolina in the rain, stirring with the whisk. When it thickened, I took the bowl off the heat, I put the cheese mixture and then the two beaten egg whites.

I put the composition in the caramel jars.

I put the dishes in a pan in which I put hot water and put them in the oven until the caramel melted, about half an hour.

I took them out of the oven and turned them over on a plate (plate).

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