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Backstreet's Back: The Boys and Tyler Shields Collaborate on Photo Collection

Backstreet's Back: The Boys and Tyler Shields Collaborate on Photo Collection

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If you came of age in the 90s there's a good chance you swore your allegiance to at least one boy band, whether it was the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, or 98 Degrees, and an even better chance that you now keep that fact hidden. Thanks to famed photographer Tyler Shields, you don't have to temper your love anymore, because the music group has just moved into the art realm with a series of 15 photographs snapped in beautiful California locations. Even better, the collection of photos will not only be exhibited, but signed prints are also available for purchase.

Shields has been everywhere lately, from snapping photos of the hottest celebrities to raising money for tornado victims, and his most recent gig was for BSB's eighth studio album In A World Like This. The album art will be displayed in New York from August 15 to August 18, starting with a star-packed launching on the 14th. Each museum quality print, ranging from group shots to individual portraits, will be hand signed by the BSB members and Shields.

"You have never seen the Backstreet Boys do a shoot like this. We went out into the middle of nowhere to create this. They are the nicest group of guys I think I have ever worked with and down for anything. They wanted to do something special and that's what we did," says Shields.
The album cover is the obvious centerpiece of the collection (seen at the top), picturing the Boys standing on posts in the middle of the Salton Sea. There are other group photos, all in locations that could easily be a different planet, which is why one of the photos is even titled Mars, and is unmistakably the work of Shields. You can buy the photos in many different forms, from unsigned posters to framed, limited edition signed prints. If you go with the signed photos dedicated to you, you get to choose between an edition of 10 (either sized 60x40 inches or 30x20 inches) and an edition of 100 (all sized 30x20 inches). The prices range from $35 plus postage for a poster to $1,500 for a 60x40 edition of 10.

"I love the way the album artwork turned out because my boy Tyler takes iconic pics. In usual Tyler fashion we had to climb, jump, run, lunge and scream! One of us jumped off a truck onto an air mattress! The album art for In a World Like This says we're back with a classy vengeance," says A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys.

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