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Rabbit steak

Rabbit steak

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The rabbit is portioned, after being washed beforehand, to get rid of the traces of down. Place the pieces in a marinade bowl, then grease with olive oil, season with salt, pepper and sage, cover and leave to cool for a few hours, preferably in the evening until morning. The next day the clay pot is soaked in the sink full of cold water, be careful if you skip this step, your pot may crack during baking. Remove the rabbit pieces from the marinade, clean them of the excess oil, place them in the bowl as artistically as possible, then add the onion, celery (celery stalks), peppers, bacon and garlic cloves, all finely chopped. Season with a little oil if necessary, cover and bake in the cold oven, approx. 60 minutes at 200 degrees.

After 60 minutes, remove the dish from the oven, add the peeled tomatoes and mushrooms, turn the rabbit pieces to brown on the other side, then bake again for approx. 20 minutes, all covered. After 20 minutes, remove the cap and leave approx. 10 minutes until I get a nice crust. Serve with mashed potatoes, natural potatoes or why not potato dumplings, with cooked vegetables from the bowl. Good luck and good luck!

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