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Seasonal Superfoods to Keep You Healthy All Winter Long

Seasonal Superfoods to Keep You Healthy All Winter Long

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These good-for-you foods are available during colder months

Seasonal Superfoods to Keep You Healthy All Winter Long


Your body converts the beta-carotene in carrots to vitamin A, which plays an important role in immune health. Because beta-carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin, you’ll get the most benefit if you eat carrots with a little bit of fat. Try drizzling carrots with olive oil and roasting them in the oven, or click here for more of our best carrot recipes.

Dark Chocolate

Easily our favorite superfood, dark chocolate (with a cacao content of 70 percent or higher) is the most delicious way to get your antioxidants and immune-boosting zinc. Although a 100-calorie square of dark chocolate is a great standalone snack, you can cook and bake with dark chocolate, too. Click here for our best dark chocolate recipes.




The fiber in this crunchy root vegetable has inulin, a sugar that has a probiotic effect and also helps promote bone health. Considering that jicama is also a great source of vitamin C and potassium, we’d say it’s time to start eating more of it. Click here for our best jicama recipes.



Eating just one of these sweet citrus fruits a day will fulfill of your daily recommended dietary intake of vitamin C. Use tangelos (a tangerine–grapefruit cross) anywhere that you would normally use oranges or tangerines. Click here for our best tangelo recipes.

Wheat Germ

The germ is the most vitamin- and mineral-dense part of a wheat kernel, and as little as two tablespoons a day can provide you with everything from B vitamins (which are good for your heart) to immune-boosting zinc. Try sprinkling raw wheat germ into protein shakes and oatmeal, or click here for our best wheat germ recipes.