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Witch’s Blood Cocktail

Witch’s Blood Cocktail

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A spicy Bloody Mary with Guinness™ that's perfect for Halloween!MORE+LESS-

Updated October 4, 2017


oz. spicy Bloody Mary mix

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    Fill glasses with ice. Mix together vodka and Bloody Mary mix. Divide mixture between two glasses.

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    Pour beer over the cocktail and garnish with olives, asparagus, and celery.

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    To make fun olive spiders, poke a few holes in each side of the olives and stick in some pickled asparagus for legs.

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More About This Recipe

  • I’m about to rock your brunch world. The key to making your best spicy bloody Mary even better is to top it off with a creamy Guinness™. It levels off some of the acidity and makes it really smooth.I’m getting ahead of myself though. Since it’s October, it felt right to make some olive spiders! And yes, I know spiders should have 8 legs, but I couldn’t fit 8 spicy asparagus spears in one olive.You don’t need to overthink the Bloody Mary part of this. Just buy a good spicy mix and mix it with vodka.Personally, I like a 2-to-1 ratio of mix to vodka, but use your best judgment!Once you have your base ready, transfer it to a glass with a lot of ice. Top it off with that beer! Personally, I like to serve each glass with its own beer so you can keep topping it off. That’s all there is too it!Have a spooky Witch’s Blood Cocktail this October!

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