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Taco Scramble

Taco Scramble

Taco dinner leftovers make for a quick, delicious and protein-packed breakfast.MORE+LESS-


cup prepared taco filling

Salsa, sour cream and other taco fixings, as desired

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    Heat the taco filling in the microwave until warm.

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    Scramble the eggs and place in two microwave safe bowls.

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    Divide the taco filling between the eggs and top with the cheese. Microwave the cheese for a few seconds, until melted.

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    Top with the salsa, sour cream and other taco fillings, as desired. Enjoy!

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More About This Recipe

  • A container of leftover Old El Paso taco filling after a party is ripe with possibilities . and Breakfast? Yes indeed!

    Tacos are a favorite meal for entertaining at our house – kids, grandparents, men, women and the occasional yellow lab – who doesn’t love a taco? And I am always thrilled if there are leftovers. With on-hand cheese, tortillas, salsa and other fixings, a taco, taco salad or quick quesadilla are just an easy, microwavable minute away!

    Our newest compilation, however, takes our favorite party leftover taco filling to a different part of the day –breakfast! This is my husband’s favorite, so although technically a breakfast dish, at our house Taco Scramble also makes regular appearances at lunch, brunch, and from time to time, even dinner (with a nice tossed salad). It’s so fast and easy – you can even scramble the eggs in the microwave!

    Egg whites or egg substitutes will make this dish an even healthier choice. I am a big fan of egg whites – it’s just a personal preference, rather than any form of deference to calories. Any calorie savings is bound to be overwhelmed once I add the cheese and the sour cream (my tablespoon measures tend to err a wee bit on the heavy-handed side of things). However, as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I let it slide.

    Hope you enjoy!


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    What’s your fave way to use your leftover tacos?

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