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What We’re Loving: Godiva Lunar New Year Gifts

What We’re Loving: Godiva Lunar New Year Gifts

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Welcome the Year of the Horse with these tasty treats

Wish someone a happy new year with these delicious treats!

With the Year of the Horse upon us, it is time to welcome the new year in good fortune. Inspired by the Chinese tradition of children receiving elaborate red envelopes with money for the new year, Godiva has pulled together a delicious and functional gift for the holiday.

To celebrate the Year of the Horse, their limited edition Lunar New Year Gift Boxes will feature new assortments, including White Chocolate Pineapple Macadamia Truffle, Milk Chocolate Cherry Almond Truffle, Dark Chocolate Caramel Pear Truffle. This delicious sample is utterly decadent and fashioned with a beautiful array of chocolates that will tempt any tastebud.

Available for a limited time only, this gorgeous custome gift also comes with a package of 8 beautiful keepsake lucky red envelopes with purchase, which you can use to gift money or send a thoughtful elegant note!

This tasty gift set is available in boutiques and on

Price: $50 for 20 pcs; $120 for 32 pcs

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