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Walnut and carrot cake

Walnut and carrot cake

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Peel the carrots. Wash and put on the grater with small mesh. Weigh, you need a quantity of 300 gr grated carrot. Place in a bowl, then pour fresh orange juice to cover them. I know this tip from Vladut. Carrots will hydrate and have a pleasant orange aroma. Very nice tip, thank you Vladut!

In a bowl, mix the butter with a pinch of salt and the two types of sugar. Add the oil, mix, then add the eggs, incorporating each one in turn. Followed by sifted flour with baking powder and baking soda. Incorporated, it will result in a slightly soft composition.

Separately, mix the walnut kernel with cinnamon, nutmeg and coarsely chop with a robot.

Add over the butter composition, mix lightly with a spatula.

Drain the carrot juice, add over the walnuts. Stir gently until incorporated.

Prepare a baking form, with a diameter of 20 cm (you can use a larger shape, but the top will not be as high), provided with baking paper. Preheat the oven.

Pour the cake composition into a baking dish and place in the preheated oven, bake for about an hour at 180 degrees. Towards the end, it should be browned, you can test it with a toothpick, if it is baked, remove it and leave it to cool.

Separately, melt the white chocolate, leave to cool, then incorporate into the yogurt. Add a little lemon juice for a subtle aroma.

The completely cooled top is cut into 4 layers. It is syruped with orange juice (sweetened if preferred), alternating layers of countertop with generous layers of cream. Dress the whole cake in chocolate yogurt cream, garnish as you like and store cold until ready to serve.

An excellent cake, to be useful and to your liking!

Dessert cake with carrots and walnuts

For a long time I wanted to prepare a carrot cake. As usual, at least I was skeptical, I didn't think I would eat, but the surprise won me over from the first sip. The top is moist, does not need syrup and is very tasty. And the cream cheese with whipped cream and lemon made it great. I am very glad that I tried the recipe, I will definitely prepare it more often and it is perfect even for the holidays! Maybe you try it too!


  • For the countertop:
    • 4 eggs (3 if older)
    • 120 gr raw sugar
    • 70 ml oil
    • 100 gr roasted and ground walnuts
    • 200 gr carrot given on a small grater
    • 170 gr flour
    • 1 sachet of baking powder
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    • 2 teaspoons vanilla
    • a pinch of salt
    • 450 gr cream cheese
    • 200 ml liquid cream
    • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
    • 1 teaspoon lemon essence

    Method of preparation

    Countertop: In a bowl, mix the egg whites with the salt. When it starts to foam, add the raw sugar, gradually, mix until you get a meringue. In a bowl, mix the yolks with the oil, incorporate them over the egg whites. Add the grated carrot, stir lightly. Sift the flour, add it gradually, mix with a spatula. Finally add the vanilla, cinnamon and baking powder.

    Line a 18 cm diameter tray with baking paper. Pour the countertop composition, put it in the hot oven for 30-40 minutes, until it is baked and passes the toothpick test. When it is ready, take it out of the oven, let it cool. Cut it into 3 sheets. You can choose to bake the countertops separately, that's how I do it.

    Cream: In a bowl, mix cold cream for 2-3 minutes. Add the cream cheese, powdered sugar, lemon essence and mix until you get a frothy cream. Place the first countertop sheet on a plate. Put about 1/3 of the cream, level it. Place the countertop again, and 1/3 of the cream, level the last sheet of the countertop. Press lightly and let the cake cool for an hour. Take it out of the fridge and cover it with the remaining cream. Decorate it according to your preferences! Enjoy your meal! Source of inspiration

    Low carb carrot cake

    I was super craving for one cake with cream, and I thought it was worth trying a recipe for low carb carrot cake :) I made a foaaaarte countertop fluffy (don't even say it's low carb) with a little carrot and coconut flakes in the composition, a fine mascarpone cream and cream cheese. It's a desert great for special occasions because it looks spectacular, and no one will realize that it does not contain sugar, cereals, gluten & # 8230 low carb carrot cake. (10 slices a cate 1g carbs net and 342 cal)

    • 6 eggs
    • 100g erythritol
    • 70g almond flour
    • 20g coconut flakes
    • 100g grated carrots
    • 30g melted butter
    • 1/2 lgt baking powder
    • 1 lgt cinnamon
    • 1/2 lgt baking soda
    • 250g mascarpone
    • 200g cream cheese
    • 60g erythritol powder (finely ground)
    • 2 lgt vanilla extract
    • 60g soft butter

    Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sweetener, continuing to mix until you get a glossy foam. Reduce the speed of the mixer and add the yolks mixed with melted butter and vanilla.

    Lightly incorporate the mixture of flour, baking powder, baking soda, coconut flakes and cinnamon, in circular motions, from bottom to top, keeping the composition airy. At the end we incorporate the grated carrot, with the same circular movement.

    Grease with butter and line with baking paper a round cake shape (23 cm in diameter), with detachable bottom. Pour the dough and bake the top at 170C for about 40 minutes until it passes the toothpick test. After removing it from the mold, let it cool on a grill, then cut it in half.

    For the cream, mix all the ingredients (the butter should be very soft, kept at room temperature for about 1 hour) until we get a fine cream. I grind the sweetener to incorporate it more easily into the cream.

    Spread half of the cream on a layer of cake, add the other half of the cake and coat the cake with the other part of the cream. Decorate it with ground walnuts. Great appetite! :)


    I was really craving a cake and I thought I & # 8217d try a low carb carrot cake recipe :) I made a super fluffy pound cake (you could swear it & # 8217s not low carb) with a little carrot and coconut in the dough, and a fine smooth mascarpone cream cheese frosting. This cake is perfect for special occasions because it looks quite spectacular and no one could guess it & # 8216s free form sugar, grain, gluten & # 8230 Low carb carrot cake.

    • 6 eggs
    • 100 g erythritol
    • 70 g almond flour
    • 20 g desiccated coconut
    • 100 g grated carrot
    • 30 g melted butter
    • 1/2 tsp baking powder
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    • 1/2 tsp baking soda
    • 250 g mascarpone
    • 200 g cream cheese
    • 60 g powdered erythritol
    • 2 tsp vanilla extract
    • 60 g butter, softened

    Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they form stiff peaks, add the sweetener and mix some more until you get a nice glossy stiff meringue. Lower the mixer speed and ad the egg yolks mixed with the melted butter and vanilla.

    Gently fold in the mixture of flour, baking soda, baking powder, desiccated coconut and cinnamon, with circular movements, to keep air in the mixture. In the end fold in the grated carrots with the same light movements.

    Grease a spring form pan (23 cm diameter) with butter and line it with baking paper. Pour the dough into the pan and bake at 170 C for about 40 min, until a skewer inserted in the center comes out clean. Let the cake cool on a rack after removing from the pan, then cut in half lengthwise.

    For the frosting beat the ingredients with a mixer (the butter must be very soft, left at room temperature for about 1 hour) until you get a smooth fine frosting. Spread one half of it on and half of the cake, add the other half of the cake and spread the remaining frosting all over the cake. Decorate with ground walnuts. Enjoy!

    Cake with carrots and walnuts

    4 eggs (3 if larger), 120 gr raw sugar, 70 ml oil, 100 gr roasted and ground walnuts, 200 gr carrot on a small grater, 170 gr flour, 1 sachet of baking powder, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 2 teaspoons vanilla, a pinch of salt, For the cream: 450 gr cream cheese, 200 ml liquid cream, 2 tablespoons powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon essence

    Difficulty: Average | Time: 1h 30 min

    See you soon with new delicious recipes.

    For the countertop:
    220 g of flour
    10 g baking powder
    1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger
    300 g grated carrots
    80 g of ground walnut kernels
    150 g of brown sugar
    125 g of melted butter
    200 ml sour cream for whipped cream
    2 large organic eggs

    For filling & decoration:
    500 g of mascarpone
    1 vanilla bean
    red currants and blackberries for decoration

    1. In a large bowl, mix the flour with the baking powder, ginger, grated carrots, walnut kernels and 150g of brown sugar.

    2. Then add the wet ingredients: beaten eggs, whipped cream and melted butter. Mix them carefully and the countertop mixture is ready!

    3. Grease two round trays with the removable bottom with butter and divide the composition into two equal parts. Put the trays in the oven heated to 180 degrees on the conventional down / up heating function and forget about them for 35 minutes.

    4. Meanwhile, prepare the mascarpone cream. All you have to do is mix the cream cheese with the contents of the vanilla bean. After the two tops have cooled well, combine them with a generous layer of mascarpone, then cover the carrot cake with the rest of the cream.

    Decorate it with fresh berries and enjoy it with your loved ones! Good appetite!

    Recipe: Fasting cake with carrots and walnuts

    I entered Lent, the longest and most difficult fast of the year for the Christians of the Orthodox Church. Those who fast for Easter can eat in addition to vegetable and fruit dishes and many sweet goodies, such as fasting donuts, jam pies, walnut noodles or various cakes. For those who want to prepare something simple, I present a recipe for fasting cake with carrots and ground walnuts.

    Ingredients fasting cake with carrots and walnuts
    & # 8211 300 grams of carrots
    & # 8211 150 grams of ground walnuts
    & # 8211 300 grams of flour
    & # 8211 6 tablespoons oil
    & # 8211 grated peel of a lemon
    & # 8211 250 grams of sugar
    & # 8211 1 teaspoon baking soda quenched with lemon juice
    & # 8211 200 ml water

    Preparation Fasting cake with carrots and walnuts
    Carrots are washed and peeled, then grated on a small grater. Put 100 grams of powdered sugar and let it sit for a while so that the carrots soften a little. Do not drain the juice left by the carrots.

    Preparation Cake with carrots and walnuts

    Boil the water with the rest of the sugar. When it boils, add the ground walnuts and lemon peel. Let it boil for a few minutes then pull the pan aside and let it cool.

    Prepare the fasting cake with carrots and walnuts

    Add the oil and the scalded walnut kernel to the carrots. Put the baking soda quenched with lemon juice and add flour in turn, mixing well until the composition is homogeneous. The composition of the cake with carrots and walnuts is placed in a tray lined with baking paper and put in the oven.

    Fasting cake with carrots

    Bake the cake on the right heat for about 50-60 minutes. After the cake is baked (try with a toothpick), remove the tray from the oven and let it cool.

    Carrot cake

    Last Saturday was my father's birthday party, and I made him a cake. I thought it was a bit healthier, so I made a carrot cake for the first time. It sounds weird, but you have no idea how good it is until you try it. The recipe, step by step, here:

    How else can a recipe for such a cake start if not by cleaning some carrots. 6 in number, as in the first image. I then shaved them on the small grater. Meanwhile, the oven must be turned on to reach 180 degrees. I don't have a thermometer at where I'm sitting now, so I just started it on high heat and while I prepared the dough it was only well heated.

    In a bowl I mixed a cup of flour, two teaspoons of cinnamon tip (I really like it), a sachet of vanilla sugar, one of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt.

    4 whole eggs at room temperature beaten with the mixer, over which I put a cup of sugar. I stirred for a few minutes, until the sugar melted well. I added two teaspoons of vanilla essence to the composition.

    Over the composition of eggs and sugar I poured the mixed contents of the first bowl (with flour, baking powder and cinnamon). Mix them all and at the end the dough should look like in the picture above.

    To make the cake sweeter (and better), you can put in the composition both pineapple puree and apple puree (although it is not mandatory). I put both, because I didn't miss them in the fridge. I took a piece of pineapple compote and put only half of the can in my wonderful robot in the kitchen to get the amount of pineapple puree needed. Pineapple or apples in the dough blur the taste of carrots (almost everything), so some prefer not to put them, for a more basic / classy carrot cake.

    I already had the apple puree ready in the jar. I put about 3 tablespoons of dough.

    As you can see, the grated carrots followed at the beginning and the well-ground walnut, about 200 grams.

    I wallpapered a form with butter and flour (don't laugh at my cake shape, but I didn't have another one) and I poured the composition nicely. I left it to bake for about 20 minutes.

    In the pictures above I showed you how to get the cream of this cake. Very simple: butter at room temperature (about a quarter of a packet) I put margarine, because unfortunately I didn't have butter, but it worked like that. You will need another 300 grams of cream cheese (I took the light one from Philadelphia). First mix the butter with the mixer to make it fluffier. Then add the cheese, another 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla essence and a little grated lemon peel. Also for this cream you will need 200 grams of powdered sugar, which you pour over the composition through a sieve. The cream should be thick enough not to run when you spread the knife over the cake. If problems occur, top up with cream cheese. By the way, some people use mascarpone, but it seemed to me that the cream would be too greasy like that, so I chose the classic classic cream cheese.

    These are the quantities in the recipe, but it seemed to me that it was a little creamy, so I added both cream cheese and sugar and butter until I got enough cream to put a thicker layer inside the cake. and one on the surface.

    I cut the cake only once in half, but everyone does as they please. The cream can be applied only on top or in two layers, as you prefer. And to make it look prettier, I put very finely ground walnuts on top of the cream.

    I filled the gap of my cake form with some nuts, just to make it look nicer when I brought it in front of the guests. It looks very & # 8220home made & # 8221. But do you know how good it is? Yummy! It's worth a try!

    Raw cake with carrots and coconut

    2 weeks ago I posted a recipe classic cake with carrots and white chocolate cream, the recipe for which I had very good feedback. I have received many messages from you. It seems that most of you have prepared it for Christmas and New Year.

    In addition to these messages, however, I also received messages with the request to post a recipe for carrot cake in raw version, without gluten, without lactose. Well, today I succeeded and I wrote this recipe for raw cake with carrots and coconut, especially for those who have written to me about your problems.

    I hope you like this recipe!

    As you already know, I'm a big dessert lover too. Although this is not exactly good, I try to alternate with sugar-free dishes, and some of them are raw vegan desserts.

    Raw vegan desserts are among my favorites, and if you love them too, you can find them heremore recipes.

    If you are a blog subscriber, you can benefit from a special price for my cookbook, Sweet and Salty, book with 128 pages and 54 dishes, in which you will find recipes with raw desserts, but also salty, vegan dishes.

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    (5 points / total votes: 27)

    Crina_Crinutza 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 12:52

    Re: Carrot cake

    Congratulations, Ioana!
    Looks very good! I add it to the collection.
    Good luck with the new category of sweets!

    Ioana 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 13:03

    Re: Carrot cake

    oh, Crinutza thank you! I'm glad you like it.

    Crina_Crinutza 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 13:19

    Re: Carrot cake

    Then, what a good housewife you are, attentive and very patient, I have no doubt that we will find good ideas, recipes and advice from you and in this category, Ioana.

    Gerlinde 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 15:03

    Re: Carrot cake

    Congratulations, Ioana! Looks very good. I have made this cake top many times but without filling it with cream. I will also try the cream proposed by you. We like the taste of the cake top and in addition it stays tender for a long time. It would remain fragile for a long time but generally it has no chance. It looks great if it is decorated on top with small marzipan carrots.
    Thank you,

    Ioana 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 15:07

    Re: Carrot cake

    exactly gerlinde, and this countertop remains soft for 2-3 days. that's all he got to stay with me
    would go to the carrot decor for a special occasion. so, when they do it for us, it's not worth it, because we don't eat those sugar figurines (that's how they are found here).

    Mari Ana 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 15:59

    Re: Carrot cake

    You avoided, Ioana, making cakes, but also when you decided. You hit it again, carrot cakes are among Teona's favorites. Ever since he asked me to make one! Now, with details and pictures, do you think I'm escaping?

    Tania 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 17:50

    Re: Carrot cake

    Chia, I'm looking for a cake to make for my little girl's birthday. for her, anyway, it doesn't matter the taste to blow the lights and she is the happiest. Anyway, one of the two I do.

    Laura Aioani 7 years ago - November 12, 2013 18:30

    Re: Carrot cake

    What a wonder. Honestly, I haven't eaten carrot sweets before. I read above that the countertop remains fragile. That's right, I like it! As with all the cake recipes I read, the slicing syrup appears .. CONGRATULATIONS Ioana, for as many..cakes and not ..cakes

    mona 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 18:40

    a question

    OOO, we have been looking for a recipe for a long time! I wanted to ask. with what I could replace whipped milk. Like here, where I live ... that is, in Montreal, I didn't find anything like that.
    thank you very much

    Lia 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 20:51

    Re: Carrot cake

    One day I will read the recipe. Now I came in after the introduction. how funny could you comment))))

    good, it must be good or you wouldn't show it to us to ruin your "company"

    and about getting the recipe, I'm in the mood to pick only cabbage leaves according to the "bus" recipe. respectively, while the trip lasted, an elderly lady instructed me how to put cabbage to save space as I talked and I got to cabbage, to cut me if I can tell you

    MARIA NOAPTES 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 21:47

    Re: Carrot cake


    maria calin 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 22:12

    Re: Carrot cake

    what kind of oil is indicated to make sure that it will not leave an extra aroma on the countertop?
    Great recipes, you have a whole family of lacto-ovo-vegetarian fans here

    viki 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 23:09

    Re: Carrot cake

    mona. until Ioana answers you, I allow myself to answer you. In a yogurt add water (I do) or milk. and you have whipped milk.

    Katy Nistor 7 years ago - 12 November 2013 23:50

    Re: Carrot cake

    Brava, I've been looking for a recipe with carrots for a long time, instead of whipped milk

    olga 7 years ago - 13 November 2013 08:41

    Re: Carrot cake

    The cake looks great. As many as possible.

    Diana 7 years ago - 13 November 2013 09:58

    Re: Carrot cake

    Wonderful and I think, delicious carrot cake.
    Congratulations on your courage! She is talented.
    I kept it in my test notebook

    Ioana 7 years ago - November 13, 2013 10:36

    Re: Carrot cake

    Maria, if you try without baking soda to tell us how the countertop came out.

    Ioana 7 years ago - November 13, 2013 10:38

    Re: Carrot cake

    Maria Calin, a tasteless neutral oil. sunflower is the most handy (that's what I used) or grape seeds.

    Ioana 7 years ago - November 13, 2013 10:40

    Re: Carrot cake

    mona, Claudia: as viki said, yogurt is good. if it is thick yogurt, lengthen it with milk / water until it flows (so you can drink it from the cup), if it is from the drinking one, add it as it is.

    Ioana 7 years ago - November 13, 2013 10:41

    Re: Carrot cake

    thank you girls for the encouragement! so keep making cakes I can't wait to try it, maybe send me pictures too.

    mona 7 years ago - 13 November 2013 13:38

    Re: Carrot cake

    thank you very much! I will keep you posted on the results

    mihaela 7 years ago - 14 November 2013 20:43

    Re: Carrot cake

    I also made this cake for my little girl's birthday, I didn't just put baking soda in baking powder. I hate baking soda in food, I don't like the taste. so it turned out good and without baking soda.

    mona 7 years ago - 17 November 2013 03:36

    Re: Carrot Cake-MY ADVENTURES!

    so..I threw the first cake! everything looks good but the taste of baking powder and baking soda terrorized my sense of taste. then I said that I don't give up even in my head and I also looked for recipes from Quebec to see how they make them. well . they do the same as you! instead, they replace mascarpone with creamy philiadephia cheese. in the end, on the second try, I reduced the amounts of baking soda and baking powder and to make sure that no taste buds will suffer, I extinguished them with lemon juice .. the top is that the cake has grown and more . Philadelphia cream is good too .. but I clearly don't know what the other option is like.
    these are my adventures! ..while my kids snatched the computer keys.

    Ioana 7 years ago - November 17, 2013 12:38 PM

    Re: Carrot cake

    Mona, I have eaten this cake twice and I have never tasted baking powder or baking soda, although I have very sensitive taste buds. the cake is so fragrant that you don't feel these growth additions. but, for those who have a restraint, you can increase the amount of baking powder a little and no longer use baking soda (you put sodium, right? Not ammonium!)

    mona 7 years ago - 17 November 2013 13:37

    Re: Carrot cake

    Thanks for the reply! You should know that now you made me think ... what kind of baking soda I put. I'll check in a little later this morning. thanks a lot for the answers!

    Mari Ana 7 years ago - November 18, 2013 20:10

    Re: Carrot cake

    Very good and a light sweet-sour combination, mmmmmm. The taste of baking soda or baking powder is not felt at all. It's perfect. Ioana, don't stop, even if the cake is a little torture for you. Although I think that's only a quarter of it true.

    clau 7 years ago - 4 December 2013 19:13

    Re: Carrot cake

    I did it last weekend. very tasty. the cops were also successful. I would have a question as to why the cream did not stick to the countertop. I struggled to stretch it to stay on the counter. In the end I managed, but after he sat in the fridge and started to cut it, the cream came off the countertop. where did I go wrong? as a taste it was very good, only the top cream came off. what can I do to keep the cream on the counter. not the other way around but I have a request to do it on New Year's Eve.

    Ioana 7 years ago - 5 December 2013 09:42

    Re: Carrot cake

    Clau, your cream, as soon as you finished it was frothy, easy to spread or was it a bit firm? I think that was the problem, that it was too loud and after sitting in the fridge it became even louder and you stretched it hard. if so, a little liquid cream or cream milk will solve the problem next time

    what did you mix the cream with, with the manual mixer or in the robot?

    clau 7 years ago - 5 December 2013 09:47

    Re: Carrot cake

    Yes, it was firm when I finished. I also thought about the whipped cream if next time my farm still comes out. thank you for the answer

    Ioana 7 years ago - 5 December 2013 10:05

    Re: Carrot cake

    so you mixed it with a robot / mixer and it was still firm. it means it's from mascarpone, it was probably a firmer brand (the one from exquisa is like that for example). a little liquid cream will solve the problem.

    clau 7 years ago - 5 December 2013 10:08

    Re: Carrot cake

    Exactly from the exquisite I had next time it will be perfect.

    Gabriela 7 years ago - December 15, 2013 12:58 PM

    Re: Carrot cake

    Ioana, for a shape of 28 cm, how to change the quantities? Is 25% more than the extra ingredients?

    Ioana 7 years ago - 15 December 2013 13:50

    Re: Carrot cake

    about 25%, an extra 10-15% would work.

    Andrei 7 years ago - December 19, 2013 06:31

    Re: Carrot cake

    Is the amount of mascaspone correct?
    750g mascarpone plus 150g butter and 150g sugar means more than a kilogram of cream. Isn't that too much for a cake?

    Ioana 7 years ago - 20 December 2013 19:04

    Re: Carrot cake

    Francesca 7 years ago - 29 December 2013 16:42

    Re: Carrot cake

    I made it for Christmas now, it's wonderful! A little above my beginner level, but in the end it turned out very well

    Adelina 7 years ago - 30 December 2013 18:59

    Re: Carrot cake

    The first time it is said that solid ingredients are added, after that the eggs are rubbed with sugar. Well, where did the sugar come from if it was added initially? It's just not liquid!

    Ah, and I noticed that you said "up to salt", but the first thought was that you referred to salt as a minor element, not as a position in the list. I wanted to mention to you that for a friend it was fire and pear when she made the recipe and today when I was reciting it I remembered, maybe it's good to edit so that other careless housewives can avoid catastrophe.

    SHTEFANIA 7 years ago - 1 January 2014 20:28

    Re: Carrot cake


    simona 7 years ago - 4 January 2014 19:06

    Re: Carrot cake

    Hello Ioana,
    I made your holiday cake but unfortunately I didn't like how it came out at all, the top is too thick and greasy, I didn't find it fluffy and the cream is nauseous from butter. In my opinion, we must give up adding butter to the cream, I don't see the point. I found your recipe by chance in a magazine, in which, in the same quantities, the butter phase is missing. Your recipes are wonderful, but I think this is not to everyone's taste, be careful those who want to try it, it is not the kind of cake ligjt by any means. I hope I didn't upset you, only I think it should be specified and what result the one who does it should expect. All the best.

    Brita 7 years ago - 3 February 2014 14:19

    Re: Carrot cake

    I'm posting here because it's a cake.

    I need help! Soon I have to make a special cake for a 4-year-old girl, but at the same time I declare myself not very good at this kind of dessert.

    Let me also say that I have access to almost any ingredients that may be needed.
    I would also ask your readers to help me with ideas. It has to come out absolutely special to me!
    Thanks in advance,

    lucica 7 years ago - 31 March 2014 16:53

    Re: Carrot cake

    I made it this weekend, it turned out fff good, I think it's the most beautiful baked countertop, without hump and other things, I could cut it well in three and it really doesn't need to be syruped. the only cake my daughter ate, thank you for the recipe, I dare to try those macarons you drive me crazy there. Good day I wish you

    mikaela 6 years ago - 24 September 2014 13:34

    Re: Carrot cake

    I still have a good carrot cake recipe, but I write it down. I have many recipes from you and I was not disappointed at all.
    I usually put grated carrots in breads, they come out very good, but also beautifully colored. In general, the addition of raw vegetables in the dough gives them fluff,

    adina 6 years ago - 23 December 2014 22:51

    Re: Carrot cake

    I also tried the cake, it was mostly good, but it's not to our taste. the cream is much too heavy and in the countertop we also felt the taste of baking soda. anyway, thank you for the recipes, you are wonderful

    Ioana 6 years ago - 24 December 2014 11:12

    Re: Carrot cake

    I also ask like a broken mill: did you use baking soda and taste it?

    adina 6 years ago - 24 December 2014 11:35

    Re: Carrot cake

    baking soda, we don't use it much and maybe that's why we felt it.

    Ioana 6 years ago - 24 December 2014 11:37

    Re: Carrot cake

    ok, you can reduce it to a teaspoon next time to see how it feels.
    and the cream can only be mascarpone without butter if you find it too heavy with butter. the butter hardens the cold cream and makes the cut cake more beautiful. eventually you can put mascarpone with butter only inside and outside you can glaze it with mascarpone mixed with whipped cream.

    adina 6 years ago - 27 December 2014 15:31

    Re: Carrot cake

    thank you very much, I will repeat it because I am very curious thank you very much for your advice and for your wonderful recipes

    elena 5 years ago - 8 May 2015 14:42

    Re: Carrot cake

    Can wheat flour from the countertop be replaced with millet flour? I don't eat gluten and I don't know what I can replace wheat flour with.

    Ioana 5 years ago - 11 May 2015 10:58

    Re: Carrot cake

    Elena, I have no experience with millet flour. but if you've used it successfully in other countertops instead of wheat flour, then I don't see why it wouldn't work here as well.

    mona 5 years ago - 28 September 2015 01:42

    Re: Carrot cake

    and now after already, a year and a half. Ioana, your retaliation makes us talk! since I became friends with her, I make it in a version of muffins, of a square, round cake, and now I have divided it into several parts that I will make multicolored !! I want to make a multicolored cake for my little girl. if it comes out, I put pictures ..ah, yes, we also put nuts and pieces of chocolate and almost everything that comes to mind and we find compatible with the recipe! we love her.

    Cristina 5 years ago - 30 December 2015 23:33

    Re: Carrot cake

    Very good
    We turned the cake into a cake (we used a 25 cm x 40 cm tray). I cut it in half. The cream didn't look nauseous, maybe because I used a lemon and cut it from nausea).
    I also put the pineapple pieces and I thought the combination was good

    Ioana 5 years ago - 31 December 2015 09:27

    Re: Carrot cake

    Cristina, I think he was ffffff good with pineapple. I will try such a variant.

    Cristina 5 years ago - 7 January 2016 18:48

    Re: Carrot cake

    Yes, it was great. my friends told me that it is the best cake (fluffy and tasty) with carrots they ate. thank you your site often inspires me.

    Ioana 5 years ago - 7 January 2016 20:55

    Re: Carrot cake

    luminita 5 years ago - 25 January 2016 14:02

    Re: Carrot cake

    Dana 3 years ago - 20 May 2017 23:08

    Re: Carrot cake

    It was the first cake I ever made and it turned out perfect! I fried the walnuts in the oven as you suggested, and I followed the next steps exactly as you described. Everyone praised him, I was even told that I actually bought him. Thank you!
    Picture of the whole cake: [link]
    Picture of slice of cake: [link]

    Ioana 3 years ago - 22 May 2017 12:11

    Re: Tort de morcovi

    dearfully! tortul tau arata foarte bine.

    Ancuta acum 9 ore - 21 Aprilie 2021 10:45

    Re: Tort de morcovi

    Buna, Ioana! Crema aceasta de mascarpone ar merge ca unplutura la cojile de canolli? Sau sa inlocuiesc untul cu frisca ?

    Carrot cake – Tort de morcovi

    În urmă cu ceva timp, Nestle Dessert Romania a organizat un concurs, la care am participat și eu. În concurs am înscris această minunată rețetă de carrot cake. Nu am câștigat marele premiu, însă eu am luat-o ca pe o experiență. Lăsând la o parte acest aspect, vreau să vă spun că mi-am dorit tare mult să vă arăt și vouă rețeta, așa că m-am gândit că ar fi cazul să o postez și pe blog.

    Carrot cake sau tortul cu morcovi poate părea ciudat multor dintre voi. Adică, cum să pui morcovi într-un tort, nu-i așa? Majoritatea dintre noi vedem morcovul ca unul dintre ingredientele nelipsite și de bază în orice mâncare. Această rețetă capătă din ce în ce mai multă notorietate și pe bună dreptate. Este un tort nu foarte dulce, blatul este umed de la morcovi și crocant de la miezul de nucă, ușor parfumat, iar glazura de ciocolată se îmbină perfect cu tot ansamblul.

    Eu zic să nu mai stați pe gânduri și să faceți și voi rețeta. Este absolut D E L I C I O A S Ă!
    200 gr. făină (100 gr. albă, 100 gr. integrală)
    2 morcovi mici, rași
    3 eggs
    3 linguri zahăr de cocos (sau orice alt îndulcitor)
    150 ml. ulei (floarea soarelui sau cocos)
    6 linguri de iaurt natural
    1 pumn de stafide
    2 pumni de miez de nucă tăiată în bucăți mai mici
    coaja rasă de la 1 portocală
    1 sachet of baking powder
    a pinch of salt
    1 teaspoon of cinnamon
    ½ linguriță de: nucșoară, ghimbir pudră, cardamom

    Pentru glazură: 1 tabletă de ciocolată Nestle Dessert Noir

    Pune într-un bol făina, stafidele, miezul de nucă, praful de copt, un vârf de sare, 1 linguriță de scorțișoară, jumătatate de linguriță de: nucșoară, ghimbir pudră, cardamom. Amestecă totul cu o lingură.

    Într-un alt bol bate cele 3 ouă împreună cu zahărul și uleiul, apoi adaugă-le peste ingredientele uscate de mai sus. Amestecă totul bine, apoi adaugă pe rând morcovii rași și cele 5 linguri de iaurt.

    Pune foaie de copt într-o tavă cu pereți detașabili (diametru 26 cm), unge-o cu puțin ulei pe margini, apoi toarnă toată compoziția în tavă și bag-o la cuptorul preîncălzit la 180°C pentru 30-35 min sau până când trece testul scobitorii. Scoate tava și lasă să se răcească pentru aprox. 1 oră. După ce s-a răcit e timpul să faci glazura.

    Topește tableta de ciocolată Nestle Dessert Noir la bain marie până devine lichidă. Pune ciocolata topită peste tortul de morcovi, apoi nivelează frumos pe toată suprafața, având grijă să ajungă și pe margini.

    Decorează cu miez de nucă și coajă de portocală. Bagă tortul la frigider pentru 1-2 ore, apoi servește.

    Video: Der weltbeste Karottenkuchen I Möhrenkuchen total saftig mit Walnüssen und Zitronenglasur


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